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From eco-leather to fungi motifs, our mushroom special proves the world really is your oyster.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

All mushrooms are magic in our eyes. From dreamlike Mayan art to Super Mario rosters they’ve populated culture since the dawn of time, but now they’re having even more of a moment thanks to a move towards plant-based living. A few years ago, mushroom bolognese would’ve sounded like something from a Roald Dahl story. Now, though, it’s a staple on vegan plates, and we’re even seeing people go out their way to grow their own (something we’d only seen years prior, accidentally, in student halls). Fungiculture really does live up to its name.

It’s time to make room in your wardrobe, then, for all things mushroom. Over the last few months, we’ve seen fungi populate more and more fashion releases, chiefly thanks to Mylo, a mushroom-leather start-up that’s seen investment from red-carpet frequenters and collabs with huge brands. Add to that a slight spike in mushrooms as a motif, and we’ve got ourselves a fully-fledged fungi special: dig in.


Stella McCartney is the undisputed OG when it comes to the sustainable fashion world, talking about ethical production back when people probably thought greenwashing meant the eco setting of your Hotpoint. Ever at the vanguard, the luxury label has just released its new collaboration with Bolt Threads, featuring a two-piece bustier and trousers set claiming to be the first clothing ever made from Mylo (that genius mushroom leather). Worn especially by sustainable influencer and actor Paris Jackson, it’s a powerhouse combo finished with utilitarian details, including an extended zip and recycled nylon panels on the trousers. 

Drop everything and get…envious, as you’re unlikely to be able to buy these anytime soon unless you grab one of the samples for a gazillion quid off Vestiaire in the near future. Treat your eyes for free, though.


First up, we’re talking ‘uh-mez’, not the dodgy courier that left your sister’s birthday present in the bin. The luxury fashion house has long used leather in its line of handbags, and we very much doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. We’re pleasantly surprised, though, to see some green-thinking innovation via their new Sylvania material, produced alongside MycoWorks.

Made from lab-grown mycelium, it creates a durable shell that replicates the durability of leather, but without the needless bovicide that comes with it. Again, it’s unlikely to be much more than a drop in the ocean of handbags they sell at the mo, but we’re always up for seeing a heritage brand making a statement.

Drop everything and get…the Victoria bag made with Sylvania material when it comes out (by the end of the year), hopefully in the Blue Paradis. Probably best to start saving now (or, preferably, as of ten years ago).


Emerging brand Mershy is built on some of the freshest, far-out visuals we’ve seen for a hot second. Revolving around nature in both fabrics and design, the brainchild of Gabriela Mershad is attracting hype at breakneck speed, while making sure to stick to slow, sustainable fashion. Even though it’s early days for the brand, it’s already got an ace selection on offer, ranging from minimalist staples to two new garments so spaced-out even just buying them might contravene the Psychoactive Substances Act.

Drop everything and get…the Magic Mushroom Bowling Top, made with recycled plastic buttons and closed-loop fibres and featuring some gleefully psychedelic visuals.


We’ve heard of mushroom caps, as in the umbrella-like structure on top of a toadstool, but Eden Power Corp’s accessory is the first literal mushroom hat we’ve ever seen. Handmade in Corund, Transylvania, it’s entirely made from amadou, a spongy material derived from – the joke writes itself here – ‘tinder fungus’. Back available for pre-order and delivery by next month, it’s the ultimate festival piece to make you really feel like part of the field you’re standing in.

Drop everything and get…the aforementioned Amadou Mushroom Hat, like, c’mon, just look at it.

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