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It’s an Earth Day special.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

God, how we all love that big, beautiful spinning sphere that keeps us all grounded. But, real talk – do we love it enough? Today marks the fifty-first anniversary of Earth Day, set up in 1970 to share awareness of the climate crisis, campaign for green education, grow reforestation efforts and lobby politicians to pull their surprisingly eccentric socks up and do their bit. From talks on future food to virtual youth summits, it’s packed with events to get involved in, and gives us all a chance to reflect on how we can all be a little kinder to the planet.

To celebrate, we’re back a day early with a special edition of DROP EVERYTHING, bigging up the brands sewing the seeds for a more sustainable fashion industry. We’re more than aware that there are laundrette-sized cycles of greenwashing going on from a lot of labels, aiming to cash in on the eco-friendly hype without actually doing that much. Although we’re more than happy to champion any positive alterations brands make to their clothes production – big and small – we’re committed to prioritising those that we see as putting in maximum effort, and scrutinizing their claims with a beadier eye. Let’s get to it.


Sun-dappled, feel-good brand MIAOU has been loved by influencers and it-girls (see Kim K, Bella Hadid) over the last few years, thanks to its nineties-inspired womenswear. It’s celebrating Earth Day with a brand spanking new sustainable capsule, fusing deliciously nostalgic camo prints, fauna motifs and trippy, diaphanous lilies onto tees, hoodies, bodysuits and summer trousers. There’s also a water bottle on offer, too, meaning you can be urgently hosed down if your Hot Girl Summer energy causes you to spontaneously ignite.

Drop everything and get…the S’well Water Bottle, in 90s lunchbox camo – all profits go to 1% of The Planet, the charity encouraging businesses to sign up and donate one-hundredth of their profits. Shop here.


When we freshly picked Mulberry’s latest press release out of the tmrw inbox, we were shook at how much our scrollbar shrunk. Which we mean in a really, really positive way: the detail they’ve gone into launching their new manifesto – titled the Made to Last campaign – proves that they’re committed to enacting real change, not just fudging figures for brownie points.

Focusing on repair, renewal and repurposing, the brand’s Somerset factory restores over ten thousand bags a year, buying back old models and giving them a new lease of life. They’ve teamed up sustainable fashion advocates Gizzi Erskine, Wilson Oryema and Shaway Yeh to launch the content, asking a simple question: ‘Can a bag save the world?’ Answers on a postcard, please.

Drop everything and get…something from their Mulberry Exchange platform, which sees secondhand, thirdhand, fourthhand etc bags restored and resold. It’s only in-store right now, but going digital by the end of the month. Shop here.


We’ve all heard of saving the bees, but Save The Duck wants our waterfowl friends to top the bill, too. The Italian-based brand swaps down, wool, silk, nacre and horn for cutting-edge, animal-free materials, bagging them a slew of PETA awards and saving eighteen million ducks in the process. Their new SS21 collection is stuffed with staple jackets, snug coats and technical trousers, made with recycled materials for the outdoors adventures.

Drop everything and get…the LEON coat, a long, 100%-recycled polyester coat that’s breathable, waterproof and ideal for springtime pub garden socialising. Shop here.


Gant’s moved around in the past few decades, hopping from Connecticut to Stockholm to Amsterdam and gaining a global presence along the way. We’re super excited to see them move towards becoming a fully sustainable brand, thanks to campaigns like their new The Remake Heavy Rugger capsule, launching today no less.

Using leftover fabrics and spinning them expertly into three styles of rugby shirt and a dress, the result is a preppy, colour-blocked mini collection that puts the ‘cool’ in ‘college’ (yeah, we skipped college). It’s another R to add to the collection, too – GANT’s current manifesto is Refresh, Repair, Reuse, Rent, Regive, Remake and Recycle, a delight for sustainable fashion lovers and a nightmare for those with rhotacism.

Drop everything and get…the Reworked Rugger Dress. Sling it on for a summer sport’s event and soak up the compliments. Shop here.

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