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by Kyle MacNeill

Bio-based polyurethane, one-of-a-kind caps and architectural eyewear.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

Summer is officially here according to the astronomical calendar, which isn’t actually astronomically sized but the one we used based on four seasons and two solstices. As much as we love summer, ‘tis the season, regrettably, of single-use plastic and litter: ice-cream sticks fluttering like mini windmills into the grass, disposable BBQs left cauterizing in the sun and several hundred bat-and-ball balls lost to the watery mouths of our oceans. 

Buck the trend, then, and spend your own bucks on sustainable fashion, resting easy in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the big blue-and-green sphere. We’ve rounded-up our picks of planet-friendly drops in the last week, ready to kit you out from head to toe in sun-dappled, expertly designed clobber. Slap that sun cream on: we’re getting lit!

Swampgod could describe Shrek in our eyes, but it’s also the moniker of Venice-based upcycler Arturo Boem, discovered by Rick Owens on Insta. Tasked by the label to jazz-up deadstock garments for a new capsule, he rifled through the archives and chose forty different pieces to customise and personalize, putting his own cut-and-paste spin on everything from bomber jackets to footwear. It’s exclusive to Milanese retailer MODES Milano and many of the pieces are one-off, so you’d better be pronto.

Drop everything and get…the ‘vomit’ shorts, featuring a dripping white pattern inspired by Venice’s water stains. 

Started in South Africa and now based in Lisbon, headwear brand Bundu & Bison make one-of-one five panel cap from repurposed vintage streetwear. To cap it off, each piece is handmade by a single person (one of their friends living in Lithuania), resulting in slow, small-runs rather and entirely unique hats. They’ve also got organic cotton, naturally dyed tees to match, recalling nineties South African advertorial design with faux phone numbers and company logos.

Drop everything and get…the Desert Rider cap, formed out of an eighties Harley Davidson bandana and ready for open-road, roof-down mischief.

If a brand that’s still using leather right now, there’s nowhere to hide; the fashion world is clambering to swap the bovine-based material for ersatz fabrics, reducing the footprint of their footwear. Gucci have followed the footsteps of others, patenting their own ‘Demetra’ material. Made out of bio-based polyurethane, viscose and wood (science, eh!), it’s produced in-house by their own tanneries, and has been debuted for a new triptych of sneakers: the Rhyton, Basket and New Ace.

Drop everything and get…the Rhyton sneaker in White Demetra, finished with the iconic green and red web.

Esteemed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed a new range of eyewear for premium sunnies brand Vava, building bridges between high-rise design and high fashion. According to Kuma, glasses ‘use the face as a landscape’, seeing frames as a form of wearable architecture (and there we were thinking they’re just to shield your eyes from the sun!) Taking notes from Bauhaus and minimalist aesthetics, he’s used 3D-printed designs and organic materials, taking Vava into the green age in style.

Drop everything and get…the CL0013 sunglasses, made using a bio-based powder and riffing off Japan’s latticed architecture. 

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