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Expressive pieces of pure prettiness to treasure 4eva.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

There are some pretty complex things to get your mind around when learning about sustainability. From recycled nylons to dyeing processes, carbon footprinting to eco-friendly deliveries, it’s a minefield of key terms taking us back to the headache-inducing days of science lessons, but with the reward that you become well-versed about how to love our planet, rather than sweat a little bit less on GCSE results day.

One way to make fashion more sustainable, though, is much less academic: keep your things for longer. Of course, part of this simmers down to the designers and manufacturers, and whether they’re committed to make products that last a lifetime. While the odd piece will unavoidably degrade – whether from incessant wearing or a glass of wine going awry – it’s ace to buy carefully, ensuring what you’re getting isn’t going to get worn out. So, here are a few sustainable pieces to cherish made by close-knit brands doing it right.


You might not have seen NiiPPY Studios knocking about – not because they’re still relatively nascent – but mainly because their pre-orders sell like gold-flaked hotcakes. When you take a look at their collections, it’s not too surprising – the duo’s penchant for finding the magic in discovered objects is enchanting, showing the power of upcycling.

Fresh from stitching together chazza shop finds to create beguiling, asymmetric tank tops (with matching scrunchies, no less), they’re gearing up to release ‘Wonders’. A collab with hand-painted apparel brand Caramelo Illustrations, it’s a swirly, trippy collection of dresses, skirts and tops made to order that has got us properly psyched. It’s supported by a pop-ups on Kensington High Street, too, so Landahners make sure to roll there this weekend.

Drop everything and get…the Drip Set, a wavy co-ord inspired by natural silhouettes. The full collection drops on Monday 19, so get your touchpads pristine and read to go.


If fluffiness is your thing (and we’re talking really floofy) then you’ll fall deeply in love with Senja by Maddie. Entirely one-of-one and handmade in London, Maddie’s pieces are maximalist to say the least: eye-popping colours, kaleidoscopic patterns and loud fabrics are used liberally, as extra as it gets. Salvaged cardigans become sixties-inspired, fur-trimmed statements, while mesh patchwork dresses vibrate with an explosion of technicolour.

To make something worth treasuring even more, Maddie also does bespoke pieces, custom-making whatever fluffy, furry, fabulous piece your imagination can concoct. Using upcycled materials and reducing waste by only making what’s ordered, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve been kind to the planet, and that you look fucking iconique.

Drop everything and get…The Suki Cardie, a made-to-order cream dream to make you feel like you’re part of golden-age Hollywood.


We’ll keep this rapid, as it’s not a new drop per se – but dearly beloved husband-and-wife team Story MFG have blessed us all with a new range of free hand-carved necklaces. Every single order from the brand will be cherry-on-topped with a pendant made by their hand-carver Murugan, giving us all a charming little extra for nada. We’re really hoping for the snail one, it’s ad-or-able.

Drop everything and get...anything from Story MFG to get your free necklace. There has never, ever been a better excuse to buy that hand-dyed shirt you’ve so meticulously been monitoring.


There’s makeup brushes, and then there’s this new 25 piece set from renowned makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and Spectrum, a masterclass in sustainable, long-lasting design that has got us giddy with excitement. Featuring every professional tool you could feverishly dream of, each brush is made with Forest Stewardship Council sustainable wood and contained in a plush vegan ‘leather’ tube case that puts our current makeup bag to shame.

Katie has chatted through every single brush as part of its release, too, giving you industry insight into how to use each one. There are brushes for making art, as well as contouring, shading, powdering, concealing, blending, detailing and defining, meaning you’ll never have to wing it again. Unless we’re talking about eyeliner wings, in which case, Brush 22 for you my friend.

Drop everything and get…the full set and immediately put MUA on your LinkedIn bio.

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