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by Alex Brzezicka

Heat your outfit up with our burning hot summer garms.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.  

We are mid-way through summer now. Probably, you either have got stored wavy, warmth-friendly pieces or have already given up on the idea of sunny paradise seeing the gloomy massacre outside (greetings to anyone from England dealing with a confused state of weather). Still, no matter which reality you live in, there’s always space for improvement, on a brand and individual level. To make some room, sell or swap pre-loved clothes. Then, if ever in need, you can add a breath of fresh designs to your collection. In case the climate change is hitting hard and the only sun you’ve seen this month is on postcards from your mates’ post-pandemic vacations, put some funky floral patterns on and put your mind straight in the tropics.

This season nobody cares about summer body preparation nonsense, if you want to be hot – recycle, rewear and reorganize. That’s a real turn-on.

House of Sunny

When Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid has been spotted sporting East London’s planet-conscious House of Sunny last year, it was only a matter of time before the label would make a move into the menswear territory. After all, we need the boys to support the battle for sustainability as well. Still, for those keeping tabs on HoS since their launch in 2011, it’s obvious that they’re not just a Gen Z fad brand.

House of Sunny’s fashion morale is deep down rooted in an eco-friendly ground. As they’re enjoying the social media burst around their designs, it doesn’t distract them from the original mission. Hopes are high that the menswear line will live up to the expectations. For now, we geek out on the ‘Take The Trip’ bomber jacket and a cap to go with it while waiting for the whole collection reveal.

Drop everything and get… ‘Take The Trip’ jacket to feel the varsity realness and increase chances of picking up a cute cheerleader in your low emission vehicle.

We Are We Wear

Even though this season summer doesn’t treat us right, it doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to some sustainable swimwear. For those struggling with choice and drowning in the sea of selection, We Are We Wear throws a, very stylish, lifebuoy. The brand is created by women, co-founders Natalie and Chelsea, for women. All of them. Their ethos is simple. All-inclusive sizing, from XS to 3XL and planet-conscious approach. Their eco edit series is wholly made from unwanted waste materials such as fishing nets, industrial plastics and fabric scraps to complement everybody’s bodies. If ordering online, expect 100% recyclable packaging.

Freshly dropped ‘Mesh Lovers’ collection puts a playful spin on retro-like swimsuits design, using unconventional, bold material that gives it a modern edge.

Drop everything and get… Eco Harper Recycled Mesh Longline Bralette in the prettiest shade of blue.

Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak began of its creators need to quit their day-time jobs and travel the world, spent hours sewing on the beach and making tobacco pouches from old clothes. It grew quickly from passion to fashion and after setting up an ethical production chain, transformed into an earth-conscious business and, rightly, self-proclaimed comfort movement. Small acts cause big impact, is the motto.

The newly launched collection ‘Canyon Bloom’ dares us to leave behind previous months’ gloom and immerse in ourselves in ecstatic, colour-dripping patterns on casually-cut t-shirts, dresses and shorts. Comfy doesn’t mean boring.

Drop everything and get… Dorothea Dungaree, made from organic twill, to embrace the flower power hippie fantasy.

Katherine Scarlett

Katherine Scarlett is here to serve a cherry on the top of any reworked summer fit. As an artisan jewellery designer, she’s exploring silver, resin and clay techniques to give form to her most wicked visions. Available in almost every available colour and shape, Scarlett’s rings are an ultimate attention catcher and show-stealer in a surrealistic manner. All pieces are carefully hand-made to fit any finger and visually closer to sculpture-like bits than your usual jewellery. Grotesque in the best possible way.

For those avoiding online shopping pop in nearest Urban Outfitters, if lucky you might still find one of Katherines’ beauties there.

Drop everything and get… Mystery Ring Bundle if you’re up for a surprise.


Umbrellas are passe. For sudden climate emergencies, we’ve got Amsterdam-based, sustainable rainwear brand, MAIUM, set up for two friends sick of years of wet commutes. Saving the planet, serving fashion. Dutch bad weather experts use recycled plastic for the whole range of production from finished raincoats, polybags to carton boxes. All reusable and cruelty-free.

Now, they’re debuting the first piece of unisex AW21 collection, The Lightweight Poncho, each made from 77 recycled PET bottles. It’s fully waterproof, easily folds into the built-in pouch or quickly transforms into an even more oversized version. Available in black, buttercream, duffel bag and silver.

Drop everything and get… Tickets to your favourite festival so you can show off your fresh out of the box Lightweight Poncho and get wet with no worries.

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