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A chair, a parachute, a swimsuit and an earring: all deserving props.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

Weather wise, August hasn’t been so, err, august. Over at tmrw’s UK HQ, we’ve been battling thunderstorms, monsoon showers and the occasional bout of head-searing heat. Thankfully, with the pandemic and all that, we’re pretty used to rainy days – and know how to make the best of the sunnier ones, too.

While we’re in that strange limbo between SS22 shows just past and AW21 releases to drop, there’s still a sprinkler-level trickle of sustainable launches to keep our eyes on. This week, we’re looking at a smattering of sustainably crafted objects deserving props, from ingeniously recycled rings to leave-no-trace chairs. Let’s go.


We sometimes dream of living in a city entirely planned and built by Lazy Oaf, with skyscrapers made of marshmallows, gelatinous tubes running on sherbert and lysergic-tinted glasses free for all. For now, we’ll have to settle with their (very good) range of swimwear, made totally from recycled rubbish. It’s as delightfully kitsch and feelgood as you’d expect, with hearts, smilies and daisies galore, cut in simple, flattering shapes and delivered to you in recycled packaging. Love Island’s pool apparel can do one – this is the gear that’ll help you make a splash.

Drop everything and get…the Frill Seeker Swimsuit, because it’s double gingham, and that’s really all you need to know.


So this one’s not exactly a drop, but you can drop by, and we think that works so there. It’s the latest concept from sustainable whizz Christopher Raeburn, and it’s big, literally: a 3,000 square feet space in Victory Plaza, Stratford dedicated to planet-conscious creating. It’s set to hold exhibitions, film screenings and workshops, encouraging everyone of all ages to learn new skills and move sustainable fashion forward. It’ll be open from Thursday to Sunday 12pm – 6pm, ready for you to weave between Raeburn’s trademark parachute fabrics and clothes rails of limited edition pieces.

Drop everything and get…a RAEMADE studio special at the end of your studio tour. It only costs a fiver, and you get a free local drink and a load of great chat.


Move aside, deckchair. It’s all about the camping chair these days, made for chin-stroking conversations among beards of wheat, or near-horizontal angling by the river bank. Enter surfwear brand Finisterre and outdoor legends Helinox, armed with an innovatively designed version with a sustainable focus. The body is produced from 100% recycled seat fabric, while the frame is made from aluminium treated with Helinox’s ‘green anodization’ process, which essentially means it’s acid-free. Each chair is finished with Finisterre’s trademark blue and orange colourway, meaning you’ll get a wave and smile from like-minded happy campers wherever the hell you pitch up.

Drop everything and get…the Finisterre x Helinox Chair – do we have to tell you twice?


Started by fashion designer Sophie McKay, BAR is built on the principles of minimalism, looking to create affordable, sustainable jewellery without pretence or pretentiousness. Her AW21 collection is stunning in its simplicity, seeing metals origamied into modernist-inspired ear cuffs and rings, inspired by Modernist artist Barbara Hepworth’s vision of the St Ives landscape. All pieces are handmade by local artisans, warping recycled silver and brass into gorgeous, one-off creations.

Drop everything and get…the Rhythmic Twist Ear Cuff, inspired by Cornwall’s rolling hills and Hepworth’s iconic sculptures. 

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