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Green fashion, but in all those other nice colours as well.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

Over the last year, we’ve all faced dreary, grey times filled with deep, dark bouts of the blues. Whatever the opposite of rose-tinted glasses is (greased-smudged specs?), that’s how we’ve seen the world. Which is why, for this week’s DROP EVERYTHING, we’re bringing the last hurrah of summer to life via mood-boosting, eye-popping, serotonin-releasing colour.

While sustainable fashion, once upon a time, was all about regreening neutrals, staples and classics, now we’re blessed with technicolour efforts using archive fabric offcuts and bright natural dyes. Colour is king in our eyes, this week: so approach with a tabula rasa and get your mind painted.


There are two vibes to Monika Young’s self-titled label: Cali cool and London grunge. By chance, we’re ob-sess-ed with both, especially as Billie Eilish fits neatly into the middle of the venn diagram. Pinks, peaches and turquoises are abound in everything Monika does, turning simple, seventies-inspired pieces into high summer dreams. Materials are savvily picked across her collections, using Regenesis Light Satin (made from recycled plastic bottles), organic cotton for her tees and digitally-printed Azo dye-free inks. Always inviting people to ask Qs via her DMs, there’s no greenwashing to be seen here: just sun-kissed, LA-inspired winners.

Drop everything and get…the Flo Milkmaid Midi Dress, in a cute light blue and finished with cherries on top.


Over the last year, NYC-based label Collina Strada have created more buzz than a newly discovered species of bee. Gaining a slot at GucciFest thanks to founder Hilary Taymour’s kooky reimagining of sustainable fashion, they’re just about to drop their new AW21 collection, inspired by the Animorphs series and seeing her models transform into animals. Everything is made using recycled materials and vintage offcuts, which we love to see, and the result is a whimsical, charming assortment of pastels, petals and tie-dye.

Drop everything and get…the Yellow Satin Set – Lorde literally just wore it in her ‘Solar Power’ video, so the restock is going to go quick.


It’s not the first time we’ve featured Peachy Den in this column and it sure as hell won’t be the last. Why? Well, the London-based label makes spectacularly gorj, plush pieces from soft velours, end-of-the-roll fabrics and a wide-ranging, feel-good colour palette. Velvety jumpsuits effortlessly flatter, while more recent prints and patterns take a little more of a maximal approach to create event-ready garms. Everything is made to cut to their trademark ‘slinky’ fit, with stretchy fabrications creating striking, figure-framing silhouettes.

Drop everything and get…their freshly restocked dress The Margot, available in best-cocktail-ever colourway ‘Aperol Spritz’.


Over the last few years, smaller fashion weeks across the world have been proving that high-end events can be just as exciting outside of the usual London, Paris, New York or Milan bashes. Copenhagen Fashion Week, currently on, is one of them, and the brand of the moment is (di)vision. Their new collection lives up to their name with two-tone, contrast designs, plus slouchy, comfort-first fits (see their extensively lengthy trousers). While their AW21 collection is a little more earthy, their SS22 collection, previewed yesterday, explodes with pink and blue colour blocks and cut-and-paste patches.

Drop everything and get…this sunny Yellow Long Sleeve Top for now (watch out for wasps), and hold tight for SS22’s vivid creations.

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