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by Kyle MacNeill

How to not dress for the weather.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

September has struck like an old clock, like an old clock that you don’t particularly like, and never did, like an old clock that you don’t particularly like and never did and has been gathering dust in your attic for years and creaks every time it chimes and would look so much nicer defenestrated into a skip across the road, tattered, battered, shattered and ticking no longer.

But cheer up, we’ve still got fashion, eh? As unseasonal as ever, this week’s chaotic mix of fatigues, sheer tops, cowboy boots and silk dresses defies any sort of logic, because why dress for the weather when the world’s ending? Instead, dress how you like but in a way that helps stop the end of the world, or at least doesn’t contribute to it. So take down your calendars, stop your watches and enjoy these timeless pieces.


Glasgow-based LUNCH are insatiably hungry for the buzziest independent designers, constantly scouting the rich local scene and beyond for the latest sustainable fashion. They’ve just released a brand new collection, with a smorgasbord of talent to tuck into. Vogue-featured designer Amber Smith joins the table with her slinky, silky threads, while knitwear grad Rosie MacDougall’s soft, cropped pullovers are on offer for the first time. Add Studio Preta’s beautifully minimal made-to-order pieces and some mesmerising jewellery from H2ERG, and you’ve got a full-on fashion feast that’s simply gorge.

Drop everything and get…the Ivy Top from Rosie MacDougall, a made-to-order, asymmetric sheer top that is legit shabby chic.


‘Sustainable, Unique, Sexy’ goes the tagline for Western Affair: that’s us sussed out. It also sums up their range of western heels and mules, dripping with sex appeal and kitted out with lush scraps of carpet, European-certified sheep ‘fur’ and reclaimed leather. For anyone on the cowboy hype (guilty as charged, sheriff!) these shoes create gold rush levels of excitement, proving that small-run, sustainably-led footwear is way hotter than washed-out, mainstream efforts.

Drop everything and get…the Sample Sale Fabric Mules and mismatch in style.


Bulgarian-based brand Bogdar aren’t bog standard in the slightest, eschewing tired fabrications for sustainable alternatives and contemporary silhouettes. They’ve just dropped their AW21 collection, and it oozes sophistication, seeing an extensive range of pieces made from vegan leather, biodegradable lyocell and organic silk. Dresses come in all lengths, from button up mini to voluminous, billowing maxi, while tops embrace transparency, asymmetry and close fits to turn simple items into elevated mainstays. A range of seventies-inspired flared pants and faux leather mini skirts finish the looks – unless you’re keen to add the fringed bucket hat, too.

Drop everything and get…the Vanessa vegan leather midi dress and go from dinner to Berghain without raising any eyebrows.


Japanese menswear brand Sillage may have a name that sounds a little like preserved grass, but everything they release is mowed-lawn levels of fresh. Their new FW21 collection, inspired by French Military aesthetics, sees berets and functional jackets stand shoulder-to-shoulder with classic striped shirts, as simple as you like but designed for those with a luxury complex. Admittedly, details on each individual fabric are a little slim, but we’re assured that recycled and reclaimed materials are used throughout. Everything is made locally, too, in their Fukui-based factory, using high-qual, long-lasting fibres, so nothing’s likely to go through the wars after going through the wash.

Drop everything and get…the Pantalon Fatigue Bleu – you’ll never tire of these fatigues.

main image
courtesy of BOGDAR
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