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True evergreen staples, from apple leather boots to lifelong chains.

Summer has fallen; Fall has been summoned. Wednesday was the first official day of Autumn, determined by the sun appearing to cross the celestial equator, or, if you’re a little less uptight, round about when you have to start throwing on an extra layer for your morning sourdough trip. We’re in that liminal no-man’s- land known in fashion mags as ‘the transitional wardrobe’, consisting of pieces that you can get away with wearing from late summer to mid-Autumn.

Really, it probably makes you want to buy even more stuff, and you end up not with evergreen items but once specifically for a couple of months. Which is why, like a disgustingly healthy pack of vegetable crisps, we’re sticking to unseasoned picks; true accessory and footwear staples that will see you through the entire year, sprucing up your apparel. After all, you know what they say: a dog isn’t just for Christmas, and neither’s the adorable bag you can nestle it into.


It’s undeniably lazy to lift a brand’s slogan and squeeze it into a wad of copy, but is there anything more alluring than Viron’s promise of ‘Plant power, techno, recycling?” It got us Berlinphiles instantly interested, more so when we discovered the range of footwear on offer. Produced from food scraps, PET bottles and army surplus, Viron’s boots are solid, sturdy stompers, taking no autumnal leaves as prisoners and supporting your feet to the max. We’re huge fans of the brand’s calling card – printing each boot’s composition on the outer layer – for all your fellow plant-based rebels to admire.


We’ve adored Iann Dior for a while now, so we were super excited to see that he’s lent his creative hand to Vitaly, the edgy-as-you-like, gender-neutral, sustainable jewellery brand. Dior’s worked on two pieces for the brand’s new 12:12 collection; first is the Forge, a crystal-adorned bracelet in stainless steel or gold, inspired by rebirth and revival. The second piece is Trinity, comprised of three chains hanging together in unison, embellished with three laser-etched neck tags labelled ’12:12’. Both accessories are made with recycled stainless steel, meaning they never rust and, as Vitaly’s lifetime warranty guarantees, will outlast your existence.


The latest Mulberry editions sees the legendary label collaborate with Richard Malone, the multi-award winner designer and artist. Malone’s reimagined two classic silhouettes – the Bayswater and the Darley – devilishly putting the bag’s interior details (pockets, piping, serial numbers) onto the outsides. Classic shades of dark green, Klein Blue and firebrick make each bag a punchy statement, especially when accessorised with the capsule’s key fobs and coin pouches. We’re stoked to see that repurposed inedible cereal waste (inedible equals Shredded Wheat, surely?) has been used to replace the leather, making them as durable as they are fashionable.


It’s probably a slight pain for Harris Reed that he’s almost always preluded with ‘Harry Style’s favourite designer’, especially as his playful gender-fluid designs deserve their own focus. To be honest, though, any association with HS is a win for us, and for Missoma, it seems, who have tapped him up for a new jewellery capsule. Opulent and decadent in equal measures, the collection sees gold-plated signet rings paired with crescent moon necklaces and pearl-bejewelled ear cuffs. Recycled metals are used throughout to reduce the ensemble’s carbon footprint; plus, they’re so exquisitely made that they’ll be in your jewellery drawer for the long-run.

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