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Marbled tops, Middle Ages art and mythical birds.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

October’s arrived, and we’d bet our bottom dollar that you’ve spent your last week planning your Squid Game Halloween outfit, everyone’s new favourite slice of phantasmagoria. While we might not have any green tracksuits in this week’s DROP EVERYTHING, everything is figuratively green as usual; and equally stylish. We’ve got a double help of ethereal jewellery from Russia and the UK, a new collection fresh from one of our LFW highlights and made-to-order marbled tops from London (marbles, kinda Squid Game?) In short – two brands beginning with A, two beginning with O – and my gosh is it all A-OK!


It’s always a great sign that a brand has a waiting list, except, we guess, when you’re looking to get onto said waiting list. Anyhow, we’re mega fans of what Charlotte Octavia Banks is doing at the moment: creating swirling, abstract, marbled tops that couldn’t possibly more en vogue right now, unless actually in Vogue. Along with a made-to-order batch, there’s a ready-to-wear section if you hate waiting, filled with kaleidoscopic treats styled with lacy underwear and – yu-huh – marigold washing up gloves.

Drop everything and get…the Shrimp and Blue Lagoon top. Gloves optional.


If you need an introduction to Avgvst, take note that its founder Natalia Bryantseva won the Swarovski Grand Prix in 2013 (that’s for bling, not racing). Since, it’s become the most popular demi-fine brand in Russia, delivering its minimalist, collaborative pieces worldwide. Every single item goes through the hands of twelve artisans, meticulously crafted in the Urals mountains region. Recently launching the ‘Recycle Bar’ initiative to turn old pieces into new gems and donating a portion of its profits to support LGBT organisations in Russia, its heart is as gold as its Sparkler Studs. On that note; their latest collection sees them blend eighties silhouettes with Middle Ages art, creating elongated, otherworldly heart-shaped charms.

Drop everything and get…the Heraldic Cross Single Earring and rock a bit of history.


Tajikistan-born designer Oroy Shakhidi wowed us at LFW with the digital presentation of her new collection ‘Simurgh’, named after a mythical bird in ancient Persian culture. Previously appearing in her graduate collection, its traditional depiction inspires the colour palette of the garments, spanning an ensemble of mellow mid-tones. Using artisanal hand-stitching, quilting and painting techniques, the collection is impressively sustainable, weaving in ELeather to ensure that luxe coats are more than half recycled. Inspired by Persian miniatures, it’s us to the max.

Drop everything and get…the Leather Coat, when it comes out. Keep an eye out here.


To finish, we’ve got Finnish jewellery brand Annele, loved by all the it-girls of our dreams (Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Iris Law). Inspired by Scandi landscapes, fruit and nature, their pieces are wholesome and then some, made for those who ‘skinny dip on summer nights’. Their most popular item is the Raspberry Jelly earring, and their latest capsule imbues it with new, juicy hues, from Champagne, to Blueberry to Apricot. Every single piece is made by hand, locally, in their Finnish workshop – while we’d love to see more recycled materials being used, it’s a fruitful start, and everything they do is beaut.

Drop everything and get…the Champagne Jelly and add some pizzazz to your look.

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