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We’re feeling the fabrics this week, draping ourselves in knits, silks, yarns and faux-furs.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

Maybe it was the ‘skin hunger’ – popularised by the inimitable Dutch term ‘huidhonger’ – caused by last year’s lockdown; but we’ve got a newfound appreciation for fabrics. Whether it’s tactile details or embroidered textiles, there’s something about photos of garments that just doesn’t cut it – how they feel. Of course, we realise the irony of chatting about this while writing a flat-as-a-pancake, immaterial, two-dimensional column (that’s what our last hater said!), but we’ll do our best to communicate how each of this week’s pieces feel. We’ve got everything from gorgeously gossamer silks to decadent faux-furs and it’s all sustainable of course, too, but you know that by now…


What did you do over the pandemic? Bake sourdough? Pah. Tay Gordon, founder of romantic wear brand T Label, upped her Insta following from five thousand to eighty thousand, a number likely already eclipsed by the time you’re reading this. It’s all thanks to her sensual, seductive range of lingerie, gloves and dresses, all made by hand with the most luxurious deadstock fabrics. Her latest collection – inspired by The Matrix and Pulp Fiction (like, our favourite movies ever) and art directed by Magda (our pal!) – sees the brand’s already-iconic glove shapes made from the purest Indian Dupion Silks and skin-like cotton organdy. We’re feeling ourselves!

Drop everything and get…the Reva Beaded Bralette, made entirely from upcycled garments and ready to make you feel like the filmstar that you are, at least in a parallel universe. Get your pre-orders in from 21 Nov, here.


These two juggernauts of streetwear are back for another dalliance, and it’s thankfully a lot better than their slightly dodge yoga collaboration from earlier in the year. This time around, they’ve reimagined the Ultraboost Shoe, bringing it into the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century via more sustainable fabrics. Eighty-one percent of the shoe is made from Primeblue, a recycled yarn that uses Parley Ocean Plastic, plus the matching socks are ninety-seven percent recycled, which is even better (but arguably still not good enough). We’re in love with the knit uppers on top, ready to be admired by your hands every time you tie your laces and a little bit like a coach seat.

Drop everything and get…the Black Colourway, or the White Colourway tbh, it’s your choice!


The only thing better than one dog is two, so we were always going to fall in love with Berlin-based brand Hund Hund. Scouring end-of-the-roll fabrics from Europe’s luxury labels (they’re never specific, but provide some pretty strong hints as to who), they craft them into minimalist, staple pieces for Europhile, city-slicker types. Their new AW21 collection, spanning both womenswear and menswear, is full of premium materials, from luxe panama wool to thick cottons nabbed from a brand ‘synonymous with trench coats’ (think berries on a burr).

Drop everything and get…the Hansen Pants in Black Brown Melange, as smoky, woody and earthy as your go-to luxury scent.


It’s not clever, it’s not original but we’ll say it: hot girl winter is here. Now that’s out the way, check out the first drop of Charlotte Simone’s range of winter coats. Fluffed up with faux-fur and gorge retro embroidery, the pieces take us back to the swinging sixties, specifically backstage at a Rolling Stones gig in ‘65. Limited quantities are only available for a week at a time and after the drop has gone the shop temporarily closes, a neat take on slow fashion approach that prevents waste and overconsumption. Plus, they makes us feel like the kind of femme fatale Nico sang about, so it’s not just the planet winning.

Drop everything and get…the Dixie, bordered by a fluffy white trim and adorned with a cute vintage floral pattern.

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