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Transform your life with sustainable modules, reversibles and packables. And boots, because.

Transformers, garments in disguise. ‘Garments’ isn’t even close to ‘robots’ but you get the drift; this week’s DROP EVERYTHING is all about modular fashion. If you’re not in the know, that means clothes that can be zipped, swapped and spliced at will, made up of different ‘modules’ that can be mix-and-matched. It’s kind of like those flipbooks made up of faces and outfits that you can customise, but, like, IRL!

It also happens to be a lot more environmentally friendly. Suddenly, one piece can become two or three different looks in itself, meaning you can pass off garments as new when you wore them yesterday. We’ve also shoehorned in a pair of boots, because, well, we love boots OK. That’s the only explanation you need – put your foot on the gas of that electric car, baby, let’s ride!


Finnish designer Sofia Ilmonen has just won herself the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize, bagging her €20,000 for her innovative designs. It’s highly deserved; she’s a pioneer of modular fashion, with her most recent collection Same Same But Different being composed of square panels that can be swapped and switched seamlessly (like, literally – no sewing required). It means that you can get several looks out of ‘one’ single piece, creating your own fabric jigsaws like the artisan you never knew you were with gorgeously vegetable-dyed, richly-coloured swatches. If you needed proof that she’s the queen of all things modular, she wrote a one-hundred-and-twenty-nine page thesis on transformable design while studying at Aalto University, detailing why it’s the future of fashion.

Drop everything and get…dreaming, because nothing of hers is actually available yet. But look at the pictures and forgive us, OK?


Get your head around this new collaboration from Flapper and Anti-To-Do, a capsule of hats that transform into new bits and pieces. Baseball caps feature attachable scarves, bucket hats are reversible and there’s a hood that can turn into a neck warmer or balaclava whenever you’re feeling the urge to try something new. We’re super impressed by the materials on show, too – recycled cashmere, Econyl, recycled nylon all feature – and, as will all Anti-To-Do purchases, 50% net profits go towards the completion of the Ha’ramba skatepark in Gaza and future initiatives.

Drop everything and get…the delightfully named Andrea bucket hat, reversible and made with a new regenerated nylon called Caselino Cloth.


On the subject of transfers, Timberland got the signing of the century when they enlisted Christopher Raeburn to be their Global Creative Director, part of their effort to hit net zero emissions by 2030. Turns out they’re heading towards the goal in style; the new Earthkeepers collection is a sturdy, stompy winner, built of robust, weather-beating pieces to endure whatever the hell befalls us this Fall. The Greenstride Edge Waterproof boots are made of renewable sugar cane and recycled plastic, while Regenerative Leather is used across the collection.

Drop everything and get…the Oversized Puffer Jacket, made of recycled polyester and zippily packing away.


Cuff us, sheriff – we’ve got yet another pair of boots in Drop Everything. We’re not ashamed in the slightest, tbh, as nothing makes us happier than zipping up into a pair of stompers, and Nii HAi’s ones are at the top of our wishlist. As well as their super-cute cut-out tops, irresistible booty shorts and metallic swimwear, the London-via-Mallorca brand makes Nii HAi Boots (geddit!) using vegan leather, and they’re outrageously hawt, featuring a stiletto heel and pointed toes.

Drop everything and get…the aforementioned Nii HAi Boots and feel omnipotent.

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