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As we near the end of COP26, cop these planet-friendly boots, cargo pants and swirly tops.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

Let’s face it, COP26 has been a bit of a pouch of Starbursts, and by that, we mean a mixed bag where most of the time you end up with something average. We’ve had Boris Johnson falling asleep, maskless and gormless; China and Russia not showing up; police kettling peaceful protesters and Climate Action Tracker today revealing that we’re on track for a 2.4C temperature rise by 2030. Hope, though, springs eternal, and the one-hundred-thousand crowd that descended onto Glasgow proved that the last-lettered Gen isn’t, unlike Boris, going to be caught catching any Zs soon.

While the focus has been on governments reducing emissions via macro-level actions – like moving away from fossil fuels and cutting down on aviation – fashion has had its peer-round-the-curtain moments. The conference has seen roundtables with Pangaia, exhibitions from Stella McCartney and talks from Gabriella Hearst; all doing their bit to ensure other brands do theirs, like these four featured below. Obvs, the best thing to do is buy nothing – but if you really need to cop something new, make it one of these pieces.


There’s only one peach thing we prefer to Timothee’s one and that’s Peachy Den, the London-based brand crafting sexy wardrobe mainstays. Their new Soft Touch capsule is captioned ‘slinky, stretchy, sustainable’ and features an array of tactile, figure-flattering pieces. Jumpsuits are made from plush velour to envelope your silhouette, while comfy Cleo Trousers keep things chilled. While we can’t claim that the mohair pieces are sustainable, there’s a range of 100% recycled bottoms finished with peachy back pockets.

Drop everything and get…the Mimi Mini, typically cheeky and finished with a lovely nineties Lang-era D-ring.


It’s COP26, init, so time for something Scottish! Started by Imogen Evans back in 2018, IMI STUDIOS is so in vogue it literally was in Vogue, and that’s not the half of it. Built around swirly abstract patterns, cutouts and nostalgic prints but never, ever cliche, it’s the kind of online store that tempts you – dares you, even – to spend every damned penny you have left in your current account. Everything is handmade in the UK, swapping fast fashion for something nice ‘n’ slow.

Drop everything and get…the Flo Top, featuring simply outrageous flared sleeves.


Everything Alchemy touches turns to gold, synthesising deadstock fabrics from North London into small-run suits, dresses and trousers. We know we like to say this a lot, but there are some legit staple pieces on offer in their latest round of suiting, applying easy-on-eye hues and stripes to gorgeously cut waistcoats and pants. It’s the kind of brand that makes you look forward to weekday dressing, putting the rest of the office or coffeeshop to shame. Joke, you work in bed like the rest of us.

Drop everything and get…the Zebra Print Trousers, looking like a beautiful, swirly iced coffee and with deadstock-proving marks on the inside from fabric storage.


Sure, your Dad wears Finisterre now on family holidays but, hey, he had it right with the chunky trainers back in the nineties. He has it right here, too. The Cornwall-based team do sustainable, durable outerwear really, really well, ready to take you from clifftop to beachfront without skipping a beat. Here, they’ve teamed up with heritage Tasmanian footwear brand Blundstone for a pair of pairs of boots, certified vegan after being tested for the presence of animal and insect DNA (void as soon as you stomp into a rockpool, but such is life!)

Drop everything and get…the Black/Olive pair, vegetal and minimal in equal measures.

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