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Amphibious bottles, upcycled belts, crinkle swimsuits and sneaker pockets.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

God it’s getting a bit glacial, isn’t it? You’ll be thrilled then to hear that we’ve got absolutely nothing warm to wear this week. Like, zilch. Why? Well, by now you’re well and truly sorted with the second bedding of your winter coat, so there’s no point in featuring anything too arctic. Instead, our shaky line of best fits slices a cross-section of anomalies – water bottles, belts, swimsuits and sneakers – and kicks any sort of logical theme into touch. Slurp it up with the urgency of an overly viscous slushy – even if it is way too cold to actually drink one…


We’re all clued up on what upcycling is now, a term no longer mistaken for a special technique in mountain biking. Salvatore Ferragamo are equally on the money here, teaming up with luxury retailer Farfetch for a three-hundred-piece collection of footwear and belts crafted meticulously from deadstock fabrics. The Vara and Varina shoes have been reinvented with a sustainable twist, while belts are fashioned from offcuts origami-ed into cute little bows. Each item is prettily packed in a printed drawstring bag that’s yearning to be reused over and over again, featuring the house’s iconic Tiger and Gancini motifs.

Drop everything and get…the Vara 30mm Upcycled Printed Pumps, featuring a harlequin print and dotted-about leopards.


Look, we know what we said about collab culture, but this one’s sustainable so it’s very much allowed. A menage-a-trois lifted from a hypebeast’s wet dream, this threeway sees godlike sneakerhead Sean Wotherspoon continue the Superturf Adventure model with the help of shoe haven atmos. The result is the GW8810, leaked earlier this year and still looking fresh-as with its electric orange details and detachable pouches for miniature valuables. It’s totally free of animal byproducts, so while it might not be as sustainable as his last recycled-upper collab, it still goes hell to the leather.

Drop everything and get…the GW8810s in your size – there’s nothing else to see here. They were meant to be released last week, but nothing yet, so hold tight.


If you’d like to avoid holiday envy then we recommend heading to the next paragraph. If, however, you can entertain the idea that people are actually heading somewhere sunny right now, then give the new Hunza G Resort 22 Collection a whirl. Founded by Peter Meadows back in the eighties – and popularised pre ‘G’ suffix by Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ – the brand was rebooted a few years ago as a carbon neutral beachwear label. Every piece is made in the UK, dyed locally and shipped in recycled packaging via DHL Go-Green, making its new seventies-inspired array of statement cutouts and eye-popping colourways all the more tempting.

Drop everything and get…the Square Neck Prene Swim in Fuschia. For huge bonus points from us, save it for a spring-summer staycation.


If you’ve got a reusable water bottle already, obvs there’s no need to buy another (no matter how ace this one is). If you’re not on it yet though or your past one has gone astray, try this new SCRT one for size, part of its miniature Pond Life capsule of tops and accessories. Made in collaboration with Nalgene, it’s BPA-free and obstinately durable, adorned with a sweet, children’s book style paragraph all about pond life. A percentage of sales go to the Canal and River Trust, too, so you’ll be supporting your local tadpoles a tad.

Drop everything and get…the Pond Water Bottle in frogspawn green and go hang out with some newts.

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