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Riri's fave hats, handmade scarfs, woollen hugs and remixed denim.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

Last week, we were especially bolshy in proclaiming that we were sharing nothing suitably warm for the weather. Oh, how we’ve eaten our words with a mouthful of Icelandic-borne air! It’s fucking freezing right now in our ends, and based on last edition’s shopping list all we’ve got to show for it is a skimpy crinkle swimsuit and a water bottle ready to crack from the cold. This week, then, we’ve been a little more sensible, populating our wishlist with knitted hats, handmade scarfs and hefty, cosy jumpers. Let’s get going.


Emma Brewin is living the dream; she makes hats for Riri, Miley, A$AP and every other glitterati you can think of from a studio in Sandwich (non-UK folk, it’s a literal place in Kent where the sarnie was invented). Every single hat is handmade to order, crafted with vegan faux fur for a gorgeously floofy outer and available in playful, sexy colourways. All the packaging is recyclable too – so remember that before you decimate it with impatient excitement – and the brand’s small team ensures everything stays local. We’re so obsessed that if we had the money, we’d wear two at once.

Drop everything and get…the new Blossom Bucket Hat, re-imagined from its SS16 beginning in candyfloss pink and ready to be eagerly plonked onto your head.


Thai-and-American duo Nong Rak make ‘wearable fibre art’ (that’s stunning, experimental knitwear to you and me) alongside selling handpicked vintage pieces in their New York City studio. Hand-crocheted in small runs using organic materials, their scarves, hats and pullovers splice pastel yarns and natural fabrics together into optimistic, eccentric garments. They’re set to relaunch their site at the end of the week, filled with a brand new collection crafted with – by the looks of it – even brighter, louder threads.

Drop everything and get…the Hand Crocheted Mohair Jumper, set to sell out at hyperspeed pace.


Denim-centric brand I AND ME may have a refreshingly narcissistic name, but always think of others – people or planet – before themselves. Their evergreen pieces are gender-neutral and always made with have-a-feel-of-that fabrics, ready to imbue your wardrobe with fabricated luxury. Their newest collection – Better With U (less self-centred!) – is an ode to the baggy fits of Madchester, focusing on oversized, free-flowing silhouettes and splashes of colour. It’s totally biodegradable, too, thanks to natural threads and screw-off metal wear, meaning if push comes to shove, you could recycle the entire piece. Frankly, though, that ain’t gonna happen when they’re this beaut!

Drop everything and get…the Striped Everyday Jumper in Sienna and Pink. Zero waste, maximum hugz.


Fittingly, Tokyo-based Ambush has crept up on us recently, levelling up to become one of the city’s major players. Founded by self-taught (!) designer Yoon Ahn – now Dior Men’s jewellery designer – it’s made a name for itself via carefully-cut statement tops and cult accessories. Two new drops are on offer. First up is a capsule of upcycled denim pieces, repurposing existing textiles to create panelled, patched-up dresses, skirts, jackets and jeans, with no piece ever replicated exactly again. Then, there’s a 100% recycled silver ring that harks back to the brand’s origins; which, although super cute, isn’t as exciting as the blue cotton goodness on offer.

Drop everything and get…this spliced together overshirt that is only available in their physical stores, so fingers crossed for your sake you’re reading this from Tokyo.

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