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Trinkets, girlboss trousers, an upcycling scheme and ‘a visual interpretation of human entropy’.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

We’re three weeks away from the end of the year, where we’ll undertake another midnight ritual to realize an unceasing desire. One that’s uttered, whispered, urged with fingers crossed, lucky charm in hand, booze in the other: can next year please be a little bit less bad? Before we get to that, though, fashion is still a thing, and it’s been another seven days of ace, planet-friendly releases. We’ve got jewelry from Russia, a chance to upcycle and redye your garms from Noah, pre-orders being taken from our favourite label around and a brand promising ‘a visual interpretation of human entropy’. Which we don’t totally understand, but it sounds pretty gorgeous whatever it is. So let’s get stuck in, eh?


What with alt-pop and abstract designs now being the norm, we can all lay claim to being a little atypic these days. ATYPIC, though, are actually atypic, doing things their own way when it comes to design, fabrics and branding. Based in Toronto, the brand endorses a Japanese approach of wabi-sabi, appreciating nature’s imperfections and applying this to create similarly asymmetric, patched-together creations using sustainable resources. Their first collection, Entropy, pretty much sold out of its reclaimed denim totes, recycled cotton dress shirts and nano-run messenger bags. Now, they’ve returned with new collection 2200, a semi-modular ensemble featuring a functional water pack, mesh durags, puff backpacks and inside-out jackets.

Drop everything and get…the 001 jacket, featuring an exposed zipper and made from a load of reclaimed materials.


Upcycling has been around for a long time, but now all-the-rage is upcycling your own gear – let’s call it unicycling? Menswear brand Noah are jumping on it, remixing a ton of unsold clothes into a new ‘Not Dead Yet!’ collection, dyeing their stockroom discoveries jet-black with the help of dye house Kyoto Montsuki. Patches, thread and graphics have been added on to the pieces, too, imbuing them with a further lease of life, and the whole collection is available at Noah’s Japanese stores.

Drop everything and get…one of the redone spell out tees and dye a happy person.


For some reason even looking at a mere stylisation of the word ‘August’ got us excited and the Vitamin D flowing; alas, it’s still winter. But anyway, Russian jewelry brand AVGVST have just unveiled something new, a link-up with contemporary artist Protey Temen. The DAR collection features eleven trinkets, soon-to-be lucky charms inspired by weights and measures. Think golden rulers, silver bird cages and broken cells, each telling its own story of superstition and creation. Backed by a ‘Recycle Bar’ initiative to trade in old jewelry and the use of local, responsibly sourced materials, it’s a shimmering collaboration.

Drop everything and get…the golden ruler trinket and measure the breadth of an ant’s thorax.


Our favourite designer returns! It’s no secret that we love Ahluwalia, like love love, like love love love…you get it. The London-based label has just opened pre-orders for its SS22 collection, previewed last year to many an ovation during London Fashion Week. There’s so much to adore here; matching tracksuits elevated by carefully assembled mosaics of colour block; ‘Braid ‘print raincoats crafted with post-consumer waste; merino wool knits with old-school, tobacco colourways and an Ellis mackintosh that’s boldly asymmetric. Basically, go get a scratchcard, probably lose, buy another, repeat until you win big, buy the entire collection. Don’t actually do this.

Drop everything and get…the Expression Trousers (and Blazer, if you’re going hard) and get promoted before you’ve hit the bus stop.

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