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Challenging us all to slip out of our loungewear, occasionally.

Recently, we’ve all segued with the speed of one of those nifty e-scooters into the Lockdown Look. Loungewear takes pride of place right now, or, if we’re feeling really dressy, a pair of Dickies, some sliders and an oversized tee.

But, since we’re in this for the long run now (gulp!), we’ll pretend that we’re all going out doing fun things and celebrate garms and accessories that aren’t just made for slumping around in. Though, some of those too.

The only thematic adhesive that glues this whole column together is sustainability. You know the drill by know, we’re sure – everything we feature uses some sort of green-thinking, ingenious production process to reduce needless harm to our environment. 

Big ups to all those brands willing to take the plunge and shake-up their ingrained manufacturing processes. It’s the future as we see it…sat here, in a pair of Birkenstocks, listening to Tove Lo and sipping an embarrassingly sugary iced coffee.


High-fashion often makes meaningless statements and U-turns about its sustainable plans, greenwashing at 180 degrees on a very slow spin. We’re impressed by Balenciaga’s latest ready-to-wear collection, though, unveiled digitally earlier in the week.

Promising that 93.5% of its fabrics have been upcycled and 100% of its prints certified sustainable, there’s also a focus on gender-neutral silhouettes to reduce waste. Expect the usual Balenciaga clobber – mega, oversized jackets, baggy shirts, and a discerning take on the hoodie. 

Drop everything and get…the blue colour block track jacket, when released. It’s naughty.


Palindromic streetwear brand RAW WAR has been gaining hype for quite some while, seen on the runways of the world over the last few years. Its latest collection – RICHTER – is, fittingly, groundbreaking. Everything’s been designed virtually on iPads and it’s being released entirely online via visuals, with no shows or physical outlets.

vThe brand also prints everything digitally and crafts its ready-to-wear pieces locally in Perth, Australia in small batches. Quality, then, is key – its blocky, monochrome pieces drip with minimalist style, and prove that going to war with fast fashion can result in some killer looks.

Drop everything and get…the RICHTER oversized blazer, flecked with tremor lines on both sleeves and cinching velcro cuffs. 


Scandi brand Asket is based on a simple core tenet – staple items made to last. Which kind of makes you think, why the hell isn’t everyone doing that? But such is life, and that’s just how the proverbial cookie crumbles.

Taking its commitment to sustainability further, it’s launched a new ‘Impact Receipt’, which swaps your standard do-you-need-your-receipt-no-thanks one for a full breakdown of the environmental cost of materials, labour, transport and manufacturing. Realised with the help of the Research Institute of Sweden, it encourages the consumer to realise the environmental debt buying a garm creates.

Drop everything and get..the cashmere sweater, which comes with its own Impact Receipt. It’s 100% recycled and an impossible percentage of sheer warmth.


Sustainable brand MAIUM may have been made with its native Amsterdammers in mind; but the self-proclaimed ‘Bad Weather Experts’ behind the brand likely bookmarked the UK as an equally precipitative hotspot from the start.

With Britain’s own monsoon season coming into full swing (especially if you’re up Norf’), its unisex range of raincoats and puffers may be a lifesaver. Its whole collection of raincoats is made from recycled PET bottles (that’s polyethylene terephthalate, not your rabbit’s mucky beaker) and they zip-down Transformers style into a poncho for your bike. Add in its premium puffer jackets and waterproof bucket hats, and you’ll be right as rain.

Drop everything and get…the original rain jacket – we love the Autumnal hunter green, or the smoky red brown.


Aussie surfing brand Afends is back with its S3 collection, which sounds like a phone but just means its AW20 capsule. Its centrepiece, as always, is the Hemp Collection, a stoner-cold classic selection of warm layers and, this time around, safari-streetwear hybrids. Hemp is pretty much everywhere right now – from the milk in your tea to your fancy eco-friendly rucksack – so we’re game to see it get used even more.

The other focus is on young, down-under artists, with their original designs printed on 100% organic cotton tees. Marcus Dixon puts this year’s many conspiratory fabrications into literal fabric, drawing-on 5G panic and flat-earth fanatics. Doug Bennet, on the other hand, gets Elvis involved to promote direct action. It’s Fall, made into a trip.

Drop everything and get…the ‘Flat Earth Theory’ tee, embellished with a graphic of a boot stamping on the planet to make it 2D as a pancake.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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