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The Great Outdoors, while we’re mostly stuck in the Not-So-Great Indoors.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

The outdoors have long been prefaced with ‘great’ and sometimes, when you’re snuggled-up in bed face-first into a generously sized pizza, it’s hard to see why.

But, over the last few months, we’ve all come to appreciate the times that we’re able to get out and about, monomaniacally praying that we’re not going to receive a text telling us to self-isolate for two weeks. A bit like the opposite of contestants on Love Island. Kind of.

So, for this week’s sustainable picks we’re getting our explorer hats on and focusing on recent drops linked to nature. Cop these and you’ll be able to rock up to a National Trust walk in style, but also be ready to ramble through precarious paths, skidding streams and a nuclear family tucking into their cheese sarnies.

On the subject of rambling – let’s get to it, shall we?


A new offshoot of Swiss luxury watchmaker Baume et Mercier, Baume’s focus is on producing sustainable watches to prevent time, for all of us, running out. The Baume Ocean Limited Edition series has been cooked-up with Waste Free Ocean and SEQUAL initiative, embellished with a strap made from marine plastic and deep, rippling colours.

Drop everything and getthe Blue cotton-canvas watch, centred by a graded indigo face. Shop the drop here.


In recent years, Berghaus has finessed that mythical crossover from outdoor brand to street staple enjoyed by the likes of The North Face and Patagonia, and probably despised by the miffed labels left behind (sorry, Regatta). 

Its new Dean Street collection is a rave-ready, serotonergic cohort of quarter-zips, fleeces and waterproofs. Fronted by POC birdwatching collective Flock Together, the majority of pieces are part of the MADEKIND commitment, using recycled fabrics and eco-friendly dyes.

Drop everything and getthe Prism Half Zip Fleece, a true slice of coat-seat chic. Shop the drop here.


Leopard print was soooo last year (or, more accurately, 1985-ish) according to Lacoste and National Geographic. Teaming up for a nature-themed capsule, the two brands have selected four slightly more out-there patterns: jaguar, Grevys zebra, poison dart frog and dragonfly. 

Inspired by National Geographic’s Photo Ark project, all items are certified sustainable, using recycled polyester, organic cotton and natural rubber to show the planet some love back.

Drop everything and get..the beaut iridescent dragonfly puffer; take a selfie, and you might just win nature photograph of the year. Shop the drop here.


Scandi Mountaineering brand Klttermusen is all about creating thick coats padded with enough warmth to sustain even the most blistering environments (yes, even Glasgow). 

The new Farbuate coat is windproof, water repellant and a winner of ISPO Sustainability Achievement Award. Basically, it’s the ultimate stay-warm outer layer that you’ll never need to replace, which, in the world of coats, is pretty much the holy grail.

Drop everything and getthe Dusty Green colourway, and blend in with your next forest quest. Shop the drop here.

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