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by Kitty Robson

Alt-pop princess Ellise takes us into her ‘Bubblegum' pink lockdown wardrobe.

Meet Ellise, the LA-based newcomer who broke onto the 2021 scene with sugary sweet single ‘Bubblegum Brain’, and who we haven’t stopped thinking about since. With a video starring drag superstar Shea Couleé, season five winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, Ellise’s first single from her debut album set a precedent for what was to come: eccentric, playful, and cult-cool alt-pop.

Now dropping ‘Feeling Something Bad’, a more macabre track with a Ryan Murphy-esque video to boot, Ellise is showing us just how multifaceted she is. Keeping her signature sleek beats that we know and love from her earlier work like 2019’s ‘Angels Don’t Cry’ and 2018’s ‘911’, and ever striking vocals, Ellise’s new track proves her to be the avant-garde pop princess we want and need.

Letting us behind the scenes of her bubblegum pink world, Ellise starts off our new style series, WERKIN’ FROM HOME, and takes us into her lockdown wardrobe.

“Style is something I’ve loved my whole life and has always helped me to remain true to myself and constantly evolve as an artist. Throughout my life, I’ve gone through endless phases of style, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. I feel like you can reinvent yourself all the time through how you choose to dress. I love working with stylists but also love to style myself, and due to the global pandemic, I’ve had more time at home to play around with different looks. I wanted to share some different sides of my style with you and have pieced together four looks that have very different aesthetics. Something you’ll notice is that they all heavily include the colour pink (not something I did on purpose, but what usually ends up happening), and they all have recurring themes like platform shoes, pearly necklaces and tiny bags. There are a few signature pieces that are staple to my closet, because I tend to wear them on a daily basis.

During quarantine, one of my creative escapes is definitely doing my makeup, putting on a cute fit and taking photos or videos. It’s fun and it makes me feel good inside. If you’re sitting in your room bored; do your makeup!! Put on something that makes you feel beautiful!! It can really lift spirits, which is often overlooked but super important, especially at the moment. Here I’ll explain a little bit about each look and credit the brands/shops they are from.” – Ellise


“I love a schoolgirl moment, so when I found this vintage Burberry dress on Depop I NEEDED it. I usually tend to dress very feminine and rarely find myself in trousers. Dresses are probably my favourite main piece of clothing and I literally have an entire section in my closet dedicated to them.”

Dress / vintage Burberry Bag // Bubblegum Brain lunchbox from my merch drop // Sunglasses / vintage Chanel // Hair Clip / Target // Leg Warmer / Amazon // Shoes / Nike


“This is probably my favourite fit I put together for you guys!! I loveee layering and adding a bunch of little accessories like keychains and necklaces. I rarely wear beanies, but I love this one because it makes me feel like there’s little ears on my head. I’d wear this to a party if it we were able to party at the moment. It’s chill but at the same time feels cute and colourful.”


“Back to my super girly tendencies, I love a corset or bustier of any kind. Pairing a corset and mini skirt is such an essential combo in my wardrobe. It’s casual but also dressed-up and nothing makes me happier than wearing a tiny skirt and huge platforms. I’d say a corset/skirt combination with boots is my most common outfit repeat.”


“This look is something more casual that I could wear on any day. I love iamgia pants, they’re some of the only pants I can find that fit me perfectly! The cotton shirt and skirt make for a very comfy, yet still super cute and matchy outfit. The pink detail in the sneakers makes it fit all together for me. Mostly everything in my closet is either black, white or pink, so these shoes are a go-to.”

Watch Ellise’s new video for ‘Feeling Something Bad’ here now.

Marc Heller
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