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by Alex Brzezicka

Throw yourself into a timeless adventure with sustainability and style.

Season after season, our generation pays more and more attention to social issues and all the details that come with them. Now, it’s time for our wardrobe to catch up. Looking into the future, we found PARAJUMPERS, a brand with an innovative edge and timeless awareness.

PARAJUMPERS was inspired by the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, based in Alaska, who are highly trained for extreme recoveries in the most hostile environments. Doesn’t matter if it means rescuing a climber stuck atop a peak or adrift ships, the PJS – short for PARAJUMPERS – are courageous, and not afraid of any challenge on the way to save lives. Full of stories. Amazed by their bravery, the brand embedded that attitude into its DNA, designing open-minded and nature-oriented silhouettes for today’s empowered and conscious consumers.

For their FW22 collection, the design house explores unknown fashion territories and pledges an even more environment-friendly approach. The first stomp was removing fur details from the garments, second making more the 20% of the products from recycled fabrics. Starting here, the brand wants to introduce itself as a real sustainable option, upgrading its pieces to be more resistant to any conditions but still uniquely and edge-bending.

FW22 presents the MASTERPIECE CORE series, revealing historical models reworked for an essential look. Having a stable classic base, they dabbled in some exciting avant-garde experimentation with the FOUL WEATHER series spinning on the parachuters’ attire. While fascinated by the fancy additions, we truly stan their NEW NATURES series, a mid-season saviour, that not only serves from the visual point of view but is made 100% from biodegradable fabric. To spice it up a bit, it comes in a colour-block variant.

Once again, PARAJUMPERS made us feel like jumping over the moon with the life-saving selection of parkas, fleeces and puffers. The ultimate winter dilemma of either being stylish or freezing-free has been resolved. PARAJUMPERS take care of the problem, proposing a win-win solution: pieces that will not only protect you, but they’ll inspire you on the journey. It’s time to create your own, brand-new narrative. 3..2..1..Go!

Shop Parajumpers FW22 online here now.

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