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Give us a key card, take our credit card and charge us for the entire collection, please.

Usually, we delve into a new collection’s pieces a couple of paragraphs in, but we just have to get this phrase in the first line: there’s a *fruit salad co-ord* in this new Lazy Oaf drop. Like, a literal two-piece printed decoupage style with grapes, lemons, oranges and peaches, a turn-of-the-century place mat brought to life via a summer suit. Pulp fiction, this is not: it’s for real, and it’s gorgeous.

It’s part of Oaf’s final drop of their Lazy Hotel series, a resort collection for an imagined hotel somewhere in pop culture Americana. Previously, we’ve had Room Service Shorts, Wonky Smile Tees and Lazy Spa Pants; now, we’ve got an ‘All-Inclusive’ range, packed with tangerine and sky-blue pieces that puts the serve in room service.

Fruit salad co-ord aside, the hero piece is the orange tracksuit, embroidered with ‘ALL INCLUSIVE*’ on the leg (we hope there’s not too much small print behind that asterisk). Each half of it is mix-and-matched with a signature cloud jumper and matching socks, or a Happy Check bowling shirt, striking with its feel-good pink-and-white pattern.

There’s also a whole host of accessories to enjoy, ideal for your next getaway. They’ve teamed up with Good Candles for a bespoke, musky candle housed in a Happy Sad pot, with a matching card holder, key ring and bucket hat. There’s a similar mini range of accessories printed with their Summer Florals motif – including a bottle opener made with Lund – and a wide brim hat that’ll make you realise just how stylish you really were in that childhood beach photo with your gargantuan sun hat.

Finishing the collection is a very cute ‘Do Not Disturb’ eye mask and matching socks, so you can really get the message across to any potential distractors. Being the third and final drop, we’ve got that sinking feeling you get on the last night of a holiday, knowing it’s nearly time to check out. Guess we’ll have to head to the checkout instead and sort ourselves out with some retail therapy?

Lazy Oaf’s final Lazy Hotel drop is out now, available here. Prices range from £10 to £105.

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