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Ethical beauty brand Azuaya have shot us an exclusive new editorial for their youth cream, and we feel ten years younger already.

Sex sells, sure, but not as much as the promise of eternal youth. The dream of maturing gracefully is forever wrinkled by the spectre of old age, leading many of us to frantically search for a time-defying elixir to keep dear. The problem is, most of them don’t actually work and/or contain enough chemicals to even make Shaun Ryder grimace.

We were left glowing, then, when sustainable brand Azuaya announced that they were moving into the cosmetics market. Started in 2013, they’ve been at the forefront of artisanal, plant-based pieces, from luxury hats to forward-thinking swimwear. Now, they’ve just launched their Azuaya Youth Extending Glow Cream™ and Azuaya Rejuvenating Hydra-Serum™.

Staying true to the Brazilian DNA at the heart of the brand, the Youth Extending Cream blends the Amazonian plants of Guarana, Buriti and Muru Muru for an all-natural moisturiser and primer. The Rejuvenating Hydra-Serum also incorporates andiroba oil, selected for its anti-inflammatory superpowers. 

‘Our skin is our most prized outfit we’ll ever own. Look after it,’ creative director Paolo Casseb tells us. ‘We want all of our customers around the world to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Azuaya brings the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest to skincare.’ 

To celebrate the launch, Azuaya have put together an editorial for us celebrating modern masculinity. The brand worked with Menace Model Management to assemble a diverse cast of talent, drawing on our own minimalist approach and a desire to challenge stereotypical cosmetics shoots. See the shoot below now – and next time you go to buy a dodgy, nastily produced cream from Jeff’s Amazon – try Azuaya’s actual essence of the Amazon instead.

Follow Azuaya on Instagram here and find them online here.

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