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Pop culture can’t get rid of those oh-so-fetch dolls, and for good reason - they’re now co-designing with GCDS.

Barbie, be shook: Bratz have taken the tiara when it comes to the world’s most iconic doll. A decade ago, the gals – named Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha – were unveiled by MGA Entertainment, hitting eye-watering sales of $2bn in just three years. By 2007, they had their own movie, garnering 10% on Rotten Tomatoes thanks to its incredible-horrendous script; since then, they’ve popped in and out of pop culture, getting remixed by our pal Mar and inspiring ex tmrw cover star Bretman Rock’s crocs.

Building on their icon status, they’ve collaborated with GCDS on two new dolls and a Ready To Wear capsule made for – wait for it – ‘Zillennials’. Sasha and Yasmin have been given the official makeover, showing off their PASSION for FASHION™ and highlighting their girlboss, status-quo-challenging identities with more Y2K than a millennium bug dressed in a baby pink halterneck.

First up is Sasha, kitted out in a faux fur coat and a crystal-adorned dress, while Yasmin’s been styled in a printed mini dress and pony motif clogs, ready for the party season. There’s also a whole capsule to wear yourself, featuring spell-out sweatshirts and tees, bras and boxers, tops and a black dress embellished with rainbow crystals. Accessories abound, too – earrings, socks, stickers and a new version of the Heart bag complete the GCDS – and yes, it’s 2021, so there’s also an Airpods case.

The campaign is set in a miniaturized world, created in partnership with artist aleia and studio Breakfast For Dinner. It sees the new dolls pose, take calls and show off their new collection of shoes. It’s almost like they hacked into our webcams, eh?

It might seem like a bit of light-hearted, poppy fun, mainly because, well, that’s exactly what it is. But there’s also a sweet message behind the gimmicky glitz and glamour. “Growing up I was scared of who I really was, I had to learn through experiences,” GCDS Creative Director Giuliano Calza says in a statement. “What made me feel like I wasn’t enough in some scenarios, now makes me feel like I belong and this is the message I want to give to the future generation. Focus on ur path, u do u.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, and are firmly behind anything Bratz-related, still secretly-not-secretly wishing that the miracle of a movie sequel is bestowed upon us someday. For now, we’ll stick to an ever-so-slightly more realistic desire; please, pretty please, can Betty Spaghetty have her pop culture moment?

The GCDS x Bratz collaboration is available here now, featuring Yasmin and Sasha plus a RTW capsule of clothes and accessories.

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