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The London footwear company has kicked off spring with their latest collection, and it’s sweet-as.

Hell to heels. The stabbing pain of stilettos and the impracticality of stumbling along on what are essentially mini stilts caught up with us all at the end of the decade. We still fancied a fancier shoe: but didn’t fancy morton’s neuroma, nor the fact that they were the footwear of choice prescribed by misogynistic, misanthropic employers.

Enter Rogue Matilda. They’ve been wrongfooting the heel game in the last few years, blessed with the same kind of childlike magic and feminine individuality as their namesake. They bagged Draper’s Footwear Designer of the Year last year, and have been working flat-out to fill the footwear market with stylish, down-to-earth shoes.

Their SS20 collection is a sugary, saccharine delight. Featuring seven new brogue designs, they’re confectionery heaven: you’ve got the Gingernut, Milky Way Snake, Bonbon, Spangle, Fizz-Wizz, Butterkiss and Gumdrop. Yeah, no idea on what the fudge a Milky Way Snake is either.

The vibes are suitably sweet. Delicate pinks somewhere between a Percy Pig and a pink chocolate mouse are folded into blue raspberry hues and foil-wrapped silvers. The laces, too, are as thin and twirly as strawberry ones. Suede and velour fabrics give it a plush, lush, look.

We love that they’re working to fill the cavity of party-ready flats, and swapping prim-and-proper plimsolls for something with loads more funk. So much so, that we might grab ourselves a pick ‘n’ mix shopping bag…

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