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The Parisian brand ups the stakes with casino-inspired, Monaco-ready suiting.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Casablanca is sheer, unfiltered luxury, a shot of opulence taken neat out of a golden goblet. Sure, we’d have to remortgage our remortgage to afford most of it, but we’re more than satisfied looking at its Hermès-style prints and pretending we’re way more debonair than we actually are. Which takes us to the Parisian brand’s new FW21 Tailoring Collection, a miniature capsule of suiting that tastes like diamonds.

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Monte-Carlo, it’s an ode to the lavish lifestyle lived out on the French Riviera, dragging us by the coattails from casino to casino. A four-of-a-kind of suits appear – in Vivid Green, Alaskan Blue, Candlelight Peach and Persimmon – woven from Australian yarns and produced at cult fabric mills Ricceri and Raphael. It’s part of Casablanca’s project with The Woolmark Company, the global experts on Merino wool.

Poker-inspired detailings feature, too, like the pattern on the Cropped Harlequin Print Suit and the diamond-shaped buttons to finish off the expertly cut jackets. ‘Tailoring for us is extremely important,” says Casablanca founder Charaf Tajer. “Part of our creative process has always been to take classic elements of fashion and applying our modern take on them. For us, the challenge and pleasure of making a suit is bringing it into the modern world through the lens of Casablanca,” he continues.

The gorgeous campaign is shot in a building designed by legendary Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, the ideal temple for worshippers of all things retro. “Shooting this campaign in a building designed by architect Carlo Scarpa was a dream come true,” Tajer says. “The way he took an impossible, almost untouchable city and left a modern imprint is comparative to the way we design.”

Casablanca’s world, for most of us, is equally impossible, an unreachable (but admittedly aspirational) playground of all-in bets and dicey dandys. Their gamble of luxury, gorgeously-printed apparel, though has undoubtedly paid-off over the last few years. This Tailoring Collection is equally sharp. Let’s land a big win and head to Monte Carlo; a two pair of Casablanca suits please, dealer!

The Casablanca FW21 Tailoring Collection is available from 29 October, pricing available on request.

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