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Be a last-min, sustainable queen and cobble together something more than just cobwebs.

Halloween is really scary. We’re not talking about the tacky screamer films you half-watch in the cinema during your make-out sesh with a Tango Ice Blast; but the leg-jellying fear of having to pick out a costume. There’s a reason that you always go back to the sexy cat thing – it’s safe and it’s not going to cause a stir – beyond one from an overly zealous witch in the corner of the party attending to their dollar shop cauldron. After all, if you choose wrong, you’re forever doomed to remember.

This hideous indecision often leads to leaving it right to the eleventh hour, just minutes before the witching one. There’s nothing cute about dashing out and raiding your local supermarket for something cheap and new before it’s too late, especially considering that almost all Halloween decorations and costumes are made with the most toxic plastics. To help you out, and with the spectre of COP26 around the corner, we’ve copped some of our favourite last-minute, sustainable outfit ideas from our TikTok feed. Sink your fangs into these!

@stylewithmaddi | DECADES OF DECAY

We’ll admit that these aren’t scary as such, but Maddi’s vintage-inspired costumes are heaps of fun. The Twiggy look is super achievable with a pink dress and some sixties leggings, and while the slightly less discerning may have no clue in hell who you’ve come as, you’ll look fab regardless.

@ashxlevi | POWERPUFF UP

Select your character and Powerpuff the fuck up. Ash’s cosplay video serves you inspo for all three of the Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup), combining to create the cutest trio of outfits for you and your two best pals (if you’re lucky enough to have another friend (!) then get ‘em dressed up as Bullet).

@baddies._vids | MAKE BAD DECISIONS

As Riri once said, we may be bad, but we’re perfectly good at it! So’s this creator, and she’s put together some easy-to-assemble, veritably villainous looks to get you looking Bad with a capital B, b. | SECONDS TO SPARE

These are as simple as they get, sure, but we love to see that every single item is secondhand sans a pair of tights. Plus, who knew that Kim Possible, Freddy Kreuger, witches and fairies all wore the same pair of platform boots?


Our headline essentially makes no sense, but Chelsy has taken the little black dress and run with it, sharing a load of ideas for LBD looks. Nothing mindblowing here but that’s the point, you’ve not got much time, OK!

@linabugz | NOT GOT A SCOOBY

‘Jinkies, I ran out of time’ – we feel you, girl! Big up Lina, then, for supplying us with these quick DIY Scooby-Doo costumes, revolving almost entirely around block colours and a pair of glasses to communicate who you are. If it wasn’t for those meddling kids…you’d not have to get up every other minute to answer the door.

@k8tr | Y2K, LET’S GO!

We’ve all caught the millennium bug recently, and so it’s worth a pop carrying on the Y2K vibes for Halloween. Watch for some mid-noughties popstar inspo, featuring a lot of headset mics and cropped cuts galore.

@sophieluisaw | ZODIAC KILLER!

Get your horror-scopes on! Sophie’s compiled a look for every star sign that’s not only related to the characteristics but also some sort of pop-cultural moment from 2021. It’s a dream and we’d quite like to find our Bennifer partner in crime right now.

@lenkalul | ALL-SEEING EYES

Clown, bat and spider web eyeliner looks. Essential for your eyes and just a few tipsy strokes away from your reality…

@ellieaddis | SCARILY EASY LOOKS

These are, like, actually doable! We really hope Ellie’s room is always decked out with horror movie posters (and that incredible 90s mobile phone). We have a lot of time for the Chucky costume, a simple dungarees and make-up combination that dolls you up into something uncanny, plus a killer Patrick Bateman ‘fit that will definitely get you a booking at Dorisa.

Follow us on TikTok here now. We’ll get better at it, honest.

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