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fracturing iconicism with uniquenessAlpha Industries

by Emily Boulton

Alpha Industries have marked their 60th year of success with a capsule jubilee collection and now their latest seasonal drop has taken the world by storm too.

Starting in Knoxville, Tennessee, the brand developed its designs to withstand every type of weather condition for the air forces of the world. Ensuring a focus on aligning the quality of the product with their buyers own desires, Alpha Industries traditions seek to outweigh other designs across the fashion world. With a constant journey of upgrading their designs, their coveted bulky silhouette stands tall. The Battlewashed L-B2 Blood Clit is the latest transitional installment for the brand which has marked its name as a cultural brand.

Known for its key heritage design, the bomber jacket is a timeless pieces that parades catwalks and emblazons street windows year after year. Alpha Industries latest designs embody its roots, whilst fracturing iconicism with uniqueness for each piece. Alpha Industries could quite easily be known as the ying to Yeezy’s yang. After the release of their SS19 collection, we’re counting down the days til’ we see the good king ‘Ye’ walking along Miami Beach adorned with the latest L-B2 Blood Chit.

Designed with the idea that each individual jacket will be understatedly different through the ‘battlewash’, this season’s reversible fabrics steer from boldness and return to classic sage green, and two other colourways of vintage white and brown frogskin camouflage. What marks Alpha Industries stature is its ability to create 1950s military yet modern man design with a functional, insulated but equally fashionable staple item. Jarring together retro style design with mid-weight, water-resistant nylon combines to be a pairing that seems dated. But the Industries light insulation and comfortable knit collar, waistband and cuffs makes it one of fashion’s most desirable all season affairs.

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