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Ganni FW 24:Copenhagen Nostalgia

by Maja Bebber

This season, GANNI presents its Fall Winter 2024 collection outside Copenhagen Fashion Week.

After a decade of shows, the decision for a change was not made lightly, but for Ditte and the team, there was a unanimous feeling of looking into the future, reflecting an unwavering commitment to foster the future of fashion and talent. Giving the spotlight to and empowering the emerging next wave of Scandinavian talent.

In collaboration with the Copenhagen Fashion Week NEWTALENT program, the brand will open the exhibition ‘FUTURE, TALENT, FABRICS,’ which will be open to the public during Copenhagen Fashion Week. GANNI’s latest Fall Winter collection is a testament to elevation, representing one of the most sophisticated collections to date. Tailored with a grown-up GANNI Girl in mind, the colour palette unfolds in rich cognacs, bitter chocolate browns, navy, and shades of grey, all punctuated with bursts of vibrant orange, metallic copper, and pink.

“By nature, I’m someone who’s always looking forward, always super-excited about the next big project. But since we made the decision to take a pause from the show schedule at Copenhagen Fashion Week, a feeling of nostalgia for Copenhagen is gently settling in. The city, its energy, the very first GANNI Girls – we owe everything to our hometown. My little pangs of nostalgia are not logical in any way because we are still here, at full speed. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen; it’s our home. I don’t think that will ever change. But we’re getting bigger, more international. I feel like we are on an adventurous path, seeing more of the world. So, I have this weird feeling that’s almost like being homesick, even though we haven’t left. This collection, in many ways, is a love letter to our team and to everything we have done in Copenhagen. The collection is shot in the studio against a backdrop painted red and white – the colours of the Danish flag. This particular shade of red is an old favourite at GANNI HQ – where it’s fondly called “Tivoli red” by the team. That started with an enormous red table for our old office; it was inspired by the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen. The table has always been at the heart of office life: so many Friday drinks at that table, sitting around it for design meetings, late nights, and shared fun stories from the weekend during lunch. It’s seen a lot of GANNI action.”


Ellen Fedors
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