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by Kyle MacNeill

A clever collab that’s the equivalent of swallowing an internet tab.

Billie Eilish has a kind of Midas touch at the moment – everything she touches – including her records – turns to gold. She’s undoubtedly the world’s biggest new popstar (fight us!), and we’re here for everything she does.

Her latest venture sees her working with Japanese casual-fashion kings UNIQLO, teaming-up with artist Takashi Murakami in the process. Takashi’s a cult legend, having collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell Williams in the past and previously worked alongside VANS and Louis Vuitton.

They first met virtually (IRL is dead, didn’t you know) through Billie messaging Takashi on Instagram. This led to the creation of the video for ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’, bringing Billie’s tune to life via Takashi’s trippy, stylish anime.

Sensing a killer partnership, UNIQLO has overseen a new collaboration between the two, combining Billie’s digital symbols with Takashi’s wild, acid-dipped flowers. It’s a swallowable internet tab. 

Tees and caps are on the menu for this one. Billie’s ‘blohsh’ (her classic wonky silhouette graphic) is given an orange makeover for a mens’ tee, while elsewhere rainbow flora and green flames bloom from spell out lettering.

Two minimal, unisex caps in black and beige top off the collection, along with a mini kids’ range. It’s certainly not an afterthought – the hero kids’ tee, featuring Billie among flowers, is ace.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re big fans of this one. Artist collabs can be a little dodgy, a little too much like bog-standard merch to be of interest. But this one’s a genuinely genius pairing, recoupling former collaborators to work in a totally new medium. The crown is yours, Billie.

The Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami UT Collection launches Monday 25 May on the UNIQLO website.

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