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by Tori Sharp

Sustainability without scrimping on style.

Born in the midst of lockdown, Cro-Che has a mission to change the future of fast fashion. It might seem like a tough job, but for Founder and Designer Tacita Brown, it’s all in a day’s work. Cro-Che was created with sustainability in mind, considering every part of the design and production process. We recently caught up with Tacita to discuss the conception of her first company and how it is all going so far! 

“I guess our USP is that I started with the people who make the clothes, and the process of making clothes before anything else was considered. Once I was happy with that, everything else seemed to fall into my place ie the inspiration and designs. Cro-Che’s mission is to change the future of fast fashion. To create a new women’s label, which is fun, sexy, carefree, and bold, whilst simultaneously being caring and conscious.” 

The Cro-Che styles so far have lived up to these ambitious claims, with bright colours and funky designs, culminating in a vibrant and fresh label. The beauty of using crochet as the main fabric is that it is already a very sustainable practice, you need only use what you’ll need and so there is very little waste produced.

Her love of the outdoors comes from childhood, and for Tacita that has been a key inspiration for the designs so far. “The environment and nature have always been incredibly important to me. I grew up in the English countryside, so I was surrounded by nature’s beauty growing up. Fashion has always been a passion too; however, I was unaware of the devastating effects it was having on the environment until very recently – the last few years – very naive really! Educating myself about the horrific conditions of many garment factories, and how polluting and wasteful fashion production was, inspired me to create something of my own.”

Within less than a year of initial creation, the brand has seen a speedy, organic growth with sold-out designs and much praise from the press and loyal fashion following. There can only be exciting things to look forward to in the future and with the sunniest of outlooks, Tacita is hoping for this year to be full of expansion and innovations. Their second collection is in the works and should Covid allow, we will all be able to see it in the Spring!  

Check out Cro-Che online here now. 

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