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Korean streetwear brand MISCHIEF showcases its SS22 collection with an all-star joint track, ‘SOOM’.

Forget major labels: music’s all about fashion labels these days. From ‘Versace’ (Migos) to ‘Fendi’ (Nicki Minaj), ‘Chanel’ (Frank Ocean) to ‘Gucci Gang’ (Lil Pump), you could pretty much have a whole night dedicated to luxury brands (a ‘fashion-house party’, anyone?) While we don’t disagree that a lot of these tunes are pure bops, they’re essentially extended commercials, glossy editorials brought to life via promotional verses and club-ready beats.

Which is why we’re stoked to see a more ambitious concept come through from Korean streetwear brand MISCHIEF, seeing them link up on a new music-video-lookbook and original tune. They’ve joined forces with artists Lim Kim, SUMIN and JIBIN (Y2K92) for the song – titled ‘SOOM’ – seeing the artists take the brand’s new SS22 collection for a spin along with some rooftop acrobatics, street dancing and badass bass playing.

It’s a neat way to check out the new pieces which, while we’re at it, absolutely slap. Realtree style camo kicks things off, applied to utilitarian raincoats that connect to similarly-patterned co-ord skirts and dresses, creating an all-in-one look. Tank tops, meanwhile – this season’s hottest piece – abound, cut asymmetrically with the brand’s geometric icon, for a chic, sporty vibe. Smarter pieces include a metal clasp closure coat and overcut button-down dress, made for layering-up with the collection’s cleverly sleek trackpants and Valentino-pink (is that a thing yet?) branded backpacks.

The tune itself is a winding earworm, sliced into two parts – the first featuring Lim Kim and JIBIN, the second with SUMIN – driven by a slow-motion, slinky beat and some sweet, whispery lyrics. It centres on a theme of ‘respiration’, based on the Korean ‘호흡을 맞추다’ – which connotes ideas of ‘breathing’, but also is used to signify a collaboration (‘to adapt one’s breathing with a partner for a duet’). It plays into the collection’s multimedia campaign, a literal breath of fresh air that brings together fashion, art and music in one single hit.

Produced by Maalib of BANA (O), the video’s out now, available to watch below. The collection is set to be launched in two drops online and offline – March 17 and 22 – so set your alarms, body clocks, cuckoos, yada yada. And put ‘Soom’ to the top of that fashion-house party playlist we were on about – we’ll see you there, front left, sporting one of these new hot pink backpacks…

For more information and to shop the MSCHF drops, click here.

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