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The cult Copenhagen brand has unveiled its new book ‘Gimme More’, a compendium of all things GANNI.

Are you a Ganni Girl? Silly question – obvs! Ever since the Scandi brand slinked its way onto the scene ten or so years ago, it’s become beloved by womenswear wearers across the sphere for its statement designs and inclusive approach. Broadchurch but never boring, essential but never basic, GANNI’s staple gung-ho attitude is always worth talking about. So much so, in fact, that it’s been captured betwixt the pages of an ace new book.

Titled Gimme More, the brand’s first-ever monograph celebrates the tastemakers that orbit the core crew, surrounded by designs dusted down from their archives. The commissioning team have done a stellar job at compiling varied creative responses, ensuring an attention-grabbing mix of media. We’ve all got too many coffee books that are solely read by our ceilings; this ain’t one of them.

Naturally, images abound. There’s a photo essay of Copenhagen from designer and photographer ​​Ana Kraš, joined by another story from Jackie Landvik capturing the GANNI Girl community. There’s also an editorial of GANNI’s New York pals, plus collages of the brand’s (in)famous house parties and words on the universe they’ve created from Susie ‘susiebubble’ Lau and Creative Director Ditte Reffstup.

It’s the ideal guide to what’s been dubbed Scandi 2.0, something which sounds a little like an IKEA catalogue or gritty box set but refers to the current model of confident, clashing looks pioneered by the region. Think of it like a moodboard for your day-to-day wardrobe, but also something that far exceeds the ‘pretty pictures to look at’ style of fashion hardcover.

Even better, it’s printed on FSC-certified paper and every copy has been carbon offset, meaning that there’s no ragrets to be had here. Score off that antiquated annual and put this on your Christmas list instead; fingers crossed the julemanden will come through…

GANNI: Gimme More by Ganni © Rizzoli New York, 2021 is available here now.

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