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by Alex Brzezicka

Head on tour with our favourite pop-punk pink princess.

Even though WERKIN’ FROM HOME can be sweet (as we’ve definitely proven so far) sometimes it’s time to venture out of the comfort zone. Today, we take you on a tour in our first spin-off series, WERKIN’ FROM THE ROAD, where we give disposable cameras to our favourite creatives to document their road life craziness for us. Buckle up, hold your drinks tight, and get aboard.

It’s a new era for GIRLI. Emerging from the pandemic whirlwind last year with a new EP ‘Damsel in Distress’, the artist is ready to strike hard again. Carrying sword on the cover and dressed to impress in a glittery catsuit, she’ll cut through any nonsense. To the backdrop of melodic grunge, riot grrrl attitude and bubblegum pop bathed in electronic beats, GIRLI asks what is really ‘girly’. The answer is literally anything you want it to be. If anyone says otherwise, shout them ‘Ruthless’ lyrics in the face and serve them the cold shoulder.


Since a debut in the industry in 2015 with a rap-ridden and still cool single ‘So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya’, it was clear that GIRLI is here to tell us how it really is. Under the sweet cybergoth, disguise hides a passion burning through any mainstream standards facade. It’s a middle finger to fakeness and power-anthem for the road. A mindbending honesty and the will to be vulnerable when talking about mental health, dysmorphia and queerness are beyond inspiring. In ‘More Than a Friend’ she talks about crushing hard on the girl who doesn’t want you back, representing a spectrum of queer emotions and sexual frustration.

GIRLI is a voice breaking through the bland reality, putting to shame any surface-level musical attempts with her revamped sounds and punked-up image. If you see a person-size pink being running through the streets of London, treat it as a good omen. Already ruling over our Instagram and TikTok feeds, taking over the speakers and stages, GIRLI’s a hard-working bad-ass. Today, we hop on a tour bus with GIRLI, take off to a live gig and get invited to a crazy-cool afterparty. Want in? Scroll down.

“Most of these photos were taken on the last night of the tour in Liverpool at the Liverpool Arts Club, and the night out afterwards to celebrate the end. It was our 18th show in 30 days and the whole crew were a mix of exhausted and happy it was over and also so emotional that we wouldn’t wake up the next day and play another show. This tour was self-funded, the crew was small and made up of all women and non-binary folk, and we made it happen through a lot of blood sweat and tears. We partied hard that night 😉 Some of the other photos are from a night out DJing at Colours in Hackney, London. I went with my best friend Gaby and watched a bunch of cool bands and then DJed afterwards. We took the night bus home, in true Londoner style.” – GIRLI

“The club we partied at afterwards was a gay bar called OMG. The drinks were cheap as chips and we spent most of the time dancing with strangers on the pole. You can tell how excited we were to be out out; because of Covid, we had been going straight back to our hotels after shows and not going out to party from fear of catching it and having to cancel shows.” – GIRLI

“For the Liverpool show, I was wearing a sick outfit by a small designer called Cameron Hancock, a purple corset covered in gold bugs and these black gloves with long pink nails pointing out of them. My partner Q spiked up my hair into a mullhawk – mullet with a mohawk on top.” – GIRLI

“Film photos feel trapped in time in a way that digital photos don’t. They feel more special, there’s more purpose to taking them and holding onto them than digital memories. I feel more nostalgic when I can almost hold my memories in my hands.” – GIRLI

Follow GIRLI on Instagram here.

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