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Think Willy Wonka, but 501s rather than hundreds-and-thousands.

When it comes to all things denim, Levi’s has the midas touch. It’s no surprise really, then, that the iconic brand is adding an actual splash of gold to its latest release.

The new Golden Ticket 501 Jean centres on the 1971 switch from the ‘Levi’s’ spellout label to ‘Levi’s’. Any vintage fan will know that this label switcheroo instantly reveals how old a Levi’s piece really is, with the uppercase ‘E’ worth its weight in gold.

501 pairs of the 501 Jeans will be released, each with gold foil covering the mini tab label. 496 of them will have the standard tab, giving you a classic pair of jeans.

The other five will have the old label, landing you with a pair as rare as it gets. It’s Willy Wonka turned inside-out – it’s a label hidden in gold foil, rather than the other way around.

In true Dahl-ian style, though, you’ll also land yourself an actual paper golden ticket if you get one of the very rare pairs. Even that alone will probably make bank on Wavey Garms (though, you should really keep it, we reckon).

It’s a win-win situation, ensuring you get a special pair of classic jeans whatever happens. It also brings a bit of theatre to proceedings, a chance to celebrate old designs and take hidden details to the point of surprise. For us, it’s just the ticket.

The Levi’s Vintage Clothing Golden Ticket 501 Jeans are available via the Levi’s website from June 4.

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