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Wearable art with an isolation lookbook to boot.

Our world-view is so wonky right now, our routines so twisted, that nothing seems all too weird now. Bans on going for a pint? The Grand National ran as a virtual race? All part of the day-to-day, these days.

This one is zany, though – a lookbook shot at home. Add to that not being able to put up billboards or put on launch parties, and you’ve got a bizarre situation on your hands.

It turned out, though, to work in The Hundreds’ favour – it’s produced one of the best photographic accompaniments to a collection we’ve seen in eons.

Here’s the lowdown: the Californian streetwear brand has teamed up with Blue The Great, a collab that’s been years in the making. Based in LA Blue’s work is packed with primary colours, splattered with a smattering of street and pop art tendencies.

Back in November, he took the sneaker world by storm, turning his creative hand to the Jordan Mid 1. The result was something like Mondrian on E, and it brought Blue’s work to millions of aesthetes across the planet.

Now, he’s had a go at designing clothes. “I’ve made clothes before but there’s a different feeling between seeing a finished painting wherever it’s going to be displayed and making a piece of clothing for somebody, and seeing how they wear the clothes,” he explained in an interview with Bobby Hundreds.

Even with that distinction in mind, Blue’s distinct style is brushed over every piece. There’s a tee mixing his eye-popping bubbles with The Hundreds’ classic bomb motif, backed by a summery, creamery tone.

Later, Blue takes the bomb logo and gives it a remix, mummifying it in a nod to his signature ‘mummy wraps’. “Whenever I think of a collab that’s heat, you just want to see the two best, most staple things that both brands do, you know,” he explained. “[The bomb] was everybody’s intro to The Hundreds and everyone’s intro to me is the mummy.”

Our favourite two pieces are literally splattered with paint. First up is a pair of khaki shorts caked in feel-good hues, inspired by the many pairs Blue’s got through while painting away. Second is an easel backed by a marrying of both brands’ logos. Perfect for an isolation painting session.

Talking of isolation – as we mentioned, the whole lookbook is delightfully shot at home. Blue’s studio, to be exact, self-directed and shot in 35mm film. It gives you a lucky look into the artist’s studio, flecked with every tone of his personality – turntables, splattered painters’ tables and scattered easels.

For both hypebeasts and aesthetes, it’s a delightful new wardrobe stuffed full of wearable art. Next time you get paint on your garms, tell ‘em it’s how Blue rocks it.

The Hundreds x Blue The Great collection is available now, here

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