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Guccisees red

by Maja Bebber

Gucci donates proceeds from the sale of red shoes to women's rights organization.

Amidst the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, globally recognized on November 25th, Gucci, the esteemed Italian luxury fashion house, has reaffirmed its solidarity by pledging a meaningful contribution. This philanthropic gesture is set to allocate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of their exquisite ‘Signoria Slingback’ pumps in the striking hue of red.

Within the Italian landscape, the symbolism of red shoes has evolved into a poignant emblem in the ongoing battle against femicide and the pervasive scourge of violence targeting women. Across countless Italian squares, the visual spectacle of hundreds of crimson-hued shoes has formed a solemn yet powerful representation—a symbolic and silent march—an evocative reminder to society of the urgency to confront and address this harrowing issue.

Gucci’s designated recipient for this benevolent endeavour is the esteemed women’s rights organization ‘Nosotras Onlus‘ in Italy. Although the precise sum of this benevolent contribution has not been expressly disclosed, its intended impact looms substantial in supporting and amplifying the noble cause championed by the organization.

Jean-François Palus, the esteemed President and CEO of Gucci conveyed his impassioned dedication to this cause, stating: “At Gucci, we steadfastly uphold our mission of merging artistic ingenuity with influential advocacy to effect positive change, not solely within the confines of Florence but resonating across the expanse of Italy and beyond.” Palus further remarked on the resonance of the ‘Rosso Ancora Signoria Slingback’ pumps—a creation unveiled at Sabato De Sarno’s inaugural fashion exhibition—emphasizing their dual significance: the arresting colouration interwoven with profound cultural relevance encapsulating the cause they symbolize. These shoes stand as a testament to Gucci’s unwavering commitment towards raising awareness about one of the most critical and pressing issues afflicting women in contemporary society.

In harnessing the influence and allure of fashion, Gucci continues on a conscientious journey, harnessing its platform not just for sartorial elegance but as a conduit for societal advocacy and change. This principled stance not only embodies the brand’s ethos but serves as a clarion call for collective action and support in eradicating violence against women, fostering a world where safety, dignity, and equality reign supreme.

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