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Harry Lambert X ZaraFall in love with Cutie Chaos

by Maja Bebber

The highly acclaimed stylist, Harry Lambert, known for his close collaboration with the fashion-forward musician Harry Styles, has recently made waves in the fashion world with the launch of his latest creation, a capsule collection named "Cutie Chaos" exclusively for the popular high street retailer Zara.

This collection showcases Lambert’s remarkable talent and his keen eye for style, offering a range of 60 fashion vintage inspired pieces that epitomize both chic and comfort. From impeccably tailored checked coats to cozy sweaters, from trendy scarves to fashionable hats, to effortlessly cool button-up shirts, well-fitted jeans, and stylish orange-tinted and sunglasses, the Cutie Chaos collection is a testament to Lambert’s ability to curate a wardrobe perfect for those crisp November days in London or any other fashion-savvy destination.

One particular standout piece that has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts is the white shirt adorned with a striking red collar that boldly reads “Cutie Chaos” – a design that exudes endless charm and style. It’s the type of wardrobe choice that effortlessly blends casual comfort with trendy sophistication, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s closet. With his collection for Zara, the stylist created clothing items made from low-impact fibers – that is, from recycled materials like wool, polyester, nylon, and cotton. The knitted pieces are the most eye-catching.

Furthermore, the collection includes loosely fitting shirts with stiff collars, with their buttons concealed. This is a silhouette that is a favorite of the stylist and one he has reintroduced for Zara. There are also baggy jeans and flared-leg suit trousers – cuts that we have often admired on Harry Styles. However, Harry Lambert’s fashion language would not be complete without his unmistakable trademark: accessories.

As we eagerly anticipate donning these fashionable ensembles and sipping on almond lattes while braving the winter cold, it’s hard not to imagine Harry Styles himself effortlessly pulling off each of these outfits. Lambert’s creative touch is unmistakable, and the collection embodies a sense of individuality that Styles himself is known for.

The collection is nostalgic, playing with oversized patterns and motifs that we associate with the children’s department. In his creations, he combines playfulness with classic cuts. When dressing Styles or Zakhar Perez, he incorporates pieces and accessories that he finds during his travels.

Especially the vests and oversized sweatshirts in various colors are already considered bestsellers. Harry Styles wore very similar pieces during his “Love on Tour.” But the shorter jackets that reach just below the waistband and the oversized, tailored coats also stand out. Lambert’s favorite, however, is the trench coat, which is lined with faux fur.

The stylist’s legacy should be that men wear pearls and necklaces. That’s how he wants to be remembered, as Harry Lambert tells in an interview with The Guardian: “That would mean that what we have done had a cultural impact. It means that we have gone further.” Accordingly, the collection includes a crystal necklace, a bag with the inscription “Cutie Chaos,” a travel bag, retro sunglasses, and a selection of platform sneakers with various prints and colors.

What’s even more exciting is that Harry Lambert’s creative endeavors don’t stop with just clothing. He’s also made a mark in the beauty and fashion industry by working on Styles’ brand, Pleasing. This brand, inspired by Styles’ carefree spirit, focuses on a wide range of products, including beauty items such as nail polish and lip balm. apparel such as crew necks and the infamous beach tote bag which is constantly sold out and most recently, fragrances. With Lambert’s influence, Styles’ brand has gained recognition for its unique and boundary-pushing creations that continue to captivate the world of fashion and beauty and Harries! So, as we eagerly await the release of Lambert’s Cutie Chaos collection and Styles’ Pleasing brand’s innovations, the world of fashion is in for a stylish and innovative ride that promises to keep us intrigued and inspired. Find a selection of our favourite pieces below. The collection is available to shop now online and in stores.

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