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Jackson Wiederhoeft’s label is the talk of the Village right now thanks to its theatrical, farcical aesthetic. Now, they’ve launched their own magic school.

Wiederhoeft isn’t just about dressing up in the sense of wearing something elevated. Granted, a quick look at the label’s Bridal collection prices confirms that this is part of it. It’s also, though, just as much about dressing up in the sense of wearing a costume; of escaping via the artform of fashion, putting on both an outfit and a performance. It’s fancy, fancy dress.

Since his much-hyped SS20 show, Wiederhoeft has ensured every look comes with its own character, allowing you to assume a new role as soon as you emerge from your wardrobe. For SS22, the vibe is very much Potter post-pot, introducing fictional magic school the Wiederhoeft Academy of Magical and Performing Arts and it’s intensely extra drama department. 

Reflecting on queer identity and the magic of dress-up, it’s an eccentric ensemble of party dresses adorned with jewels and beads, luxurious bright pink and purple pullovers, chartreuse skirts and decadent tapestry coats. It’s like the New Romantics reimagined Y2K, and we love it.

It’s backed by a campaign video fronted by current it-girl Rachel Sennott, star of Shiva Baby and BNOC of Twitter. It sees her play Drama Club director, throwing shade at Hogwarts (“we are still accepting of some non-magical students, unlike other ones…you know the one”) and demanding “fantasy period piece runway looks!” from the students. It’s an ace way to see the pieces and their matching characters brought to life, creating a dynamic collection that urges you to enroll and audition with that dance you just learnt on TikTok.

It’s another stage of Wiederhoeft’s ascendancy, already adored by the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga and fast reaching new, younger audiences. It reminds us that along with comfort, aesthetics and functionality, fashion is also just as much about performance, each outfit a key to unlocking a new world. Plus, most importantly, it sees Sennott deliver one of the most iconic lines of any fashion campaign we’ve seen recently: “I saw a girl out there in jeggings. Expel her!” 

If you’re not wearing jeggings, check out the campaign video and the full collection here.


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