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by Tori Sharp

WAWWA Clothing have hit the trifecta; sustainable, stylish, and suitable for summer (in England).

The Jenson Jacket is the latest release from WAWWA clothing, as part of their High and Dry collection, and it ticks all the boxes. The unisex smock-like jacket is made in the UK from dry-waxed cotton, making it water-repellent and can be re-waxed meaning it can basically last forever. (Sustainable much?)

The design is cool and clean in a Desert Sand tone, but more colourways will be available for pre-order soon. The zips and hood adjusters are made from upcycled wetsuits, and the emphasis on small details and high quality is definitely noticeable.

The brand prides itself on putting people and the planet before profits and lean towards using organic and recycled materials wherever possible. PETA approved, they are 100% vegan, and all of their packaging is plant-based and fully compostable. 

Without compromising on look or quality, WAWWA have certainly found the sweet spot of design and durability. Started in 2015 by brothers Sean and Andrew, they are based on the outskirts of Manchester and make all of their clothes in a 200-year-old cotton mill in New Islington. 

As well as having a strong environmental raison d’être, they also pride themselves on being a socially progressive brand. Their 1+1 collection donates one piece of clothing to those less fortunate, and they are also a certified Living Wage Employer.

The Jenson Jacket is available now, so take a look and do something good for people and the planet by adding this cool jacket to your collection.


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