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3D-printed, cybernetic jewellery brand CYB3RW3NCH's new collection is hacking our brains and current accounts.

First went the fax machine; now, your office printer is so last dimension. 3D-printing has gradually picked up momentum, moving from scary firearms and not-so-exciting circuit boards to on-demand PPE and entire jet engines. And more recently, really pointless cool stuff – which is exactly our remit – like jewellery. One of our favourite new brands doing it right is CYB3RW3NCH, printing stainless steel creations fresh from the Lower East Side of New York.

Half witchy and the other half widgety, CYB3RW3NCH draws on the occult and the cybernetic for an other-worldly aesthetic. Fronted by avatar models (‘metafluencers’, if you want to sound really cutting-edge) and digitally-rendered campaigns, it proves that the jewellery game is always one step ahead when it comes to realizing the future. It’s latest full ensemble, the Zodiac Collection, is a neat slice of vaporwave crossed with everyone’s favourite expertise – star signs.

All twelve are manifested in stainless steel, ‘lightning-rod’ hoops, each with jaggedy, spiky versions of the signs’ shapes. If you’re really into the whole astrology thing, you could even mismatch your primary sign with your ascendant and live your predetermined life in full. Or, go fully rogue and just get the one that looks nicest because, live a little? Every sign also comes in the form of a charm, too, ready to be hooked onto a bracelet or necklace depending on your preference.

Following that, the brand also released a miniature two-piece capsule called Spiritual Ascension, which we reckon is even better. The ‘Actual Cherishment’ Lock and Key set is designed to be shared with a lover or friend, letting you unlock each other’s souls at the flick of a key. There’s also the Galaxy Brain Rosary, a miniature martian pendant nesting a secret, tiny spoon. We’ll leave that one to your imagination.

If this is the future, then take us there, already! We’d quite like to get a 3D printer and start churning out anything we can, not just jewellery but cut-out dresses, brand new phones, maybe actual magazines? For now, we’ll settle with the experts and grab us a few pieces from CYB3RW3NCH and pretend we actually understand horoscopes.

Check out more from CYB3RW3NCH here, and watch out for a 10% notification popping up on your screen. 

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