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Chloë Sevigny does what we’ve all dreamt of; causing absolute mayhem in our old employer’s office.

If there’s one thing Marc Jacobs loves, it’s a muse, and last time we were talking about him he was going all Y2K with Devon Lee Carlson. Now, he’s joined forces again with actress and fashion designer Chloe Sevigny for the brand’s new Resort Collection, just shy of thirty years since he met her while she featured in Sonic Youth’s video for ‘Sugar Kane’.

Forget your festive do that got a little bit lit last year; this one’s a proper office party. The campaign sees Sevigny cause mayhem in Marc Jacobs’ New York office, standing on desks, dressing up in studio spaces and nearly licking an unattended mannequin. She also seems to put a tote bag on a porcelain dog; why, you ask? Well, err, wouldn’t you if you had free reign in a fashion house’s HQ?

It’s all a play on the seriousness of fashion spaces, matched with an equally lively collection of clothes. Key pieces like the Tote Bag and the Kiki Boot – with a sneaker worn on the other – reappear, joined by a new collection of nineties-inspired pieces. The new Creature Bag is a fluffy, furry delight for the texture-heads among us, while a fittingly office-ready cardigan is the kind of cosy piece you could spend years in.

There’s also a new iteration of the Snapshot crossbody, that most hype-worthy of camera bags slung across the shoulder and emblazoned with the piece’s title. Whack that over a staple, spellout tee and fling on the collection’s gorgeous purple faux-fur coat, and you’ve got a look so heavenly it’ll turn the watercooler into wine and raise an old laminator from the dead.

We’re not sure yet when the collection will actually be available to purchase, but for now, wrap your eyes around the campaign video and use the images as inspiration for your future office coup. No judgement if you use up the ink supply on printing these out…

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