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by Alex Brzezicka

Welcome to the future-forward and genetically genius lab of the two fashion giants.

Caution: Drop Dead and Vitaly’s new capsule collection should arrive with a warning. It’s edge-cutting, the merge of blade-smooth stainless steel with levelled-up alternative aesthetics feels dangerously genius. Both gender-neutral and eco-conscious brands show off otherwordly designs, all while abolishing constructs and rebuilding a connection with Earth.

Vitaly sure knows how to choose their collaborators: first the mind-bending creator UGLYWORLDWIDE, and now Oli Sykes’ cult-cool brand Drop Dead. The accessory brand established in 2011 in Toronto has innovation in its DNA – quite literally – each piece of their jewellery contains recycled scraps of machines, skyscrapers and car parts. The process inspires the practice: Vitaly’s fast-pacing pieces, incorporating spear-like shapes, thorns and experimental chains are go-tos for any minimalism-loving risk-takers.

Drop Dead, despite the name, happened to be an immortal player on the alternative fashion’s plane. In their veins run the blue subcultural blood mixed up with the wild will to always hunt for the new. The brand dares to rise from its scene legacy to serve the new generations. Respected for their authenticity and hyped for ambition, they keep on changing up elements in their formula so it stays relevant. They’re the coolest alchemists around.

Joining forces with Vitaly, they went on a multi-dimensional quest for a Holy Grail of design and found it in their new collab: four pieces of jewellery and a ‘Test Subject’ t-shirt. The collection is fit to equip any modern warrior in need of a tune-up. ‘Acid’ necklace made from fluid neo-tribal adds to the flow of any armour and ‘Overhaul’ choker with flame-like thorns will scare opponents with a flair. To get extra protection and fierceness points, gear up in ‘Schism’ ring and ‘Respira’ ear cuff.

Drop Dead and Vitaly are not wasting punches. Every one of them hits hard and lands where they’re supposed to, either on our ears or necks. The collection celebrates the individuality of brands’ community, imagining them just waking up from cryogenic sleep, on the way to rule, and rebel against the world. Spoiler alert: it’s us. See you on the other side of the screen.

Shop the Drop Dead x Vitaly collaboration online here.

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