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Introducing CirculaireThe future of second hand luxury fashion

by Maja Bebber

Circulaire are dedicated to make it easier to find high quality vintage pieces by collection the leading retailers within premium secondhand.

Looking for your next vintage treasure? Look no further than TMRW, where Circulaire has you covered.

Circulaire stands as the premier destination for pre-loved luxury items. Whether you seek an artisan-crafted Loewe piece to flaunt in the arrondissements in Paris, a coveted Burberry coat for strolling London’s (mostly) rainy streets, or a cosy puffer jacket to brave November’s chill, their expansive collection of over 800,000 products caters to every desire. Showcasing esteemed brands from Italy, France, and Scandinavia, Circulaire epitomizes luxury and elegance in second-hand fashion.

Conceived by the duo Emil Köpcke and Andreas Nylander, Circulaire was born in 2021 from their shared passion for high-quality, pre-owned fashion. Their frustration with laborious searches through numerous online vintage shops led to the creation of a platform aimed at saving time and money for fellow vintage enthusiasts. Circulaire serves not only as a marketing hub for trusted second-hand retailers but also as a beam of transparency in the luxury vintage market. By utilizing Circulaire, customers make informed choices, supported by a platform that bridges the gap between retailers and consumers, ensuring authenticity and reliability.

Emil and Andreas identified a niche in the market where inclusivity was lacking and embarked on a mission to make premium second-hand fashion more accessible. Their commitment extends beyond accessibility; it embraces conscious consumption at its core. Circulaire encourages responsible shopping habits that contribute to the circular economy and sustainable fashion movement, actively reducing waste and environmental impact. Embracing sustainable luxury, Circulaire offers convenience, authenticity, and a path towards a more eco-conscious and fashion-forward future. Join the journey of sustainable fashion and be part of reshaping the world of premium second-hand fashion with Circulaire. Emil states: “We created Circulaire because we got tired of the time it took to go through all the different Second Hand retailers in order to find the items we were looking for. In addition, we realised that the prices vary although it’s the same type of product in a similar condition. By gathering retailers within pre-loved fashion in one place we will create transparency within the premium second hand market and make a sustainable choice more accessible.” The Swedish actress Alicia Agneson has joined forces with the sustainability pioneers and has recently taken on the role as ambassador of Circulaire.

Featuring an extensive range of premium brands like Loewe, Acne Studios, Chloe, Patagonia, Stine Goya, Louis Vuitton, and more, Circulaire ensures the latest and most sought-after items are at your fingertips. With easy navigation through various categories like accessories, bags, clothing, jewellery, outdoor gear, and shoes, the platform simplifies your search. You can shop by preferred brands, price range (from high to low or low to high), item condition (any, good, or never worn), and size (ranging from one size, XS, 25, XL to M). A unique feature includes personalized shopping assistance through live chat, ensuring a faster and more tailored shopping experience.

Circulaire also collaborates with renowned second-hand retailers like myGemma, The Luxury Closet, Grailed, and others, showcasing carefully curated and authenticated items. Partnerships with leading retailers specializing in fine leather goods, vintage watches, and pre-owned clothing further solidify Circulaire’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

Recently, the brand inked a significant partnership with Vestiaire Collective, marking a significant milestone for the Swedish startup setting them on track to become the world leading destination within premium second hand. Other incredible milestone the power duo Emil and Andreas reached this year is that they were able to start working full time with Circulaire in March. This led to that they could start growing the company at a much higher pace, signing several big partnerships with retailers including Grailed. They also made final adjustments/iterations/improvements to the platform in order to be able to launch in October this year. Further they signed a deal with a sustainability ambassador and they also signed more stores.

To stay updated with Circulaire’s latest developments, sign up for their newsletter here. They also have a blog covering the latest news in the second hand sphere, gift guides and much more.

Exciting things lie ahead for Circulaire, shaping the landscape of luxury second-hand fashion.

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