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Introducing Myus"Ode To A Swan" is like stepping into a fairytale

by Maja Bebber

Meet Braden Myus, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, as he debuts his latest collection titled "Ode To A Swan".

Braden Myus has created a namesake label called MYUS that redefines fashion from the heart of Los Angeles. His label is an embodiment of environmental design and experimental luxury, blending innovation and timelessness. MYUS is beloved and worn by many, including Brent Faiyaz, Zack Lugo, and Jaden Smith. Myus showcases an impressive command of heritage and experimentation in luxury garment production, catering to a new generation of consumers who seek more. His designs seamlessly blend innovation and timelessness, reimagining tradition in men’s and women’s wear.

Myus has established himself as a designer for renowned figures such as Ye and Hubble Studio, consistently delivering from concept to execution and finding resonance in a narrative design process.

By combining the principles of luxury, such as artisanal craftsmanship, rich detailing, and beauty for beauty’s sake, with alluring storytelling elements like curiosity, recollection, and chronology, each garment acquires a captivating depth and connection to a rich history.

“Ode To A Swan” is a dream within a dream. The collection draws inspiration from the soft and elegant nature of ballerinas, featuring silk, pearls, see-through fabrics, and models with soft, pink, and sometimes orange blush on their cheeks. There is a lightness and ethereal effortlessness to the collection that is truly unique. The color palette mainly consists of black, white, and delicate pink, paying homage to the ethereal nature of dancers. The looks would be perfectly accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, creating a mesmerizing synergy. The collection dances between darkness and light, reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky’s film Black Swan, where Natalie Portman transitions between portraying the Black Swan and the White Swan. From flowing long dresses to edgy leather looks, Myus showcases his craftsmanship with allure, coolness, and endless imagination.

The collection features babydoll dresses, bow button-ups, bow skirts, trench coats, glove dresses, knit tees, layered skirts, leather bombers, leather pants, nylon blazers, and nylon trousers. A notable highlight is a bag shaped like a swan, allowing you to carry your belongings in a dream-like world. It is available in black and white. Looking at Myus’ creations is akin to attending a lavish ball, surrounded by affluence and luxury. Bows tied to the models’ hair further enhance the romantic and otherworldly ambiance. The lookbook evokes a fairytale-like atmosphere, reminiscent of childhood memories, inviting you to immerse yourself in enchantment. Models are seated by antique furniture and old-school suitcases, evoking the feeling of being read a bedtime story.

Myus is embarking on an exciting journey, and we eagerly await the next fairytale he will transport us to. Let’s dance, in ballet shoes!

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