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by Kyle MacNeill

Silly hats at the ready, the 20th Birthday Collection is here.

Get your party poppers out (whichever ones you think we mean!) Lazy Oaf, one of our all time BFF brands, has just turned the big two-oh, marking two decades of filling wardrobes with unashamedly clashing colourways and a load of cloudprint.

They’ve managed, they tell us, to “survive…warehouse fires, floods and a global pandemic along the way”, amassing a tight-knit community of creatives and a mega global following. To celebrate, they hosted an ace birthday bash in London; now that the hangovers have passed, they’ve gone all out with a thirty-eight piece collection.

A Greatest Hits of sorts of their most prized capsules, collaborations and collections, it sees them recreate their most popular styles, split into three drops (we’re always a fan of elongating our birthdays). “We wanted to create a collection that marked the history of Lazy Oaf, so we trawled through our archives and picked out some of our most loved prints and designs from over the years,” says Creative Lead Shirley Webb.

The first drop, out today, takes us back to some of our most beloved Lazy Oaf designs, albeit with a few typically cheeky twists. The bread-and-butter Sandwich Print returns on unisex pants, rather than its original placement on a jacket, plus there’s a victory lap for the Bunny Cereal Vest, bowls of fun with its poppy colours and comic book illustrations.

Other highlights include the Squiggles Long Sleeve Tee, matched with the In Chains Pleated Skirt (gingham, hell yeah!), or the Cartoon co-ord, splattering the logo across a light pink background. Accessories bring a wistful tear to our eye: there’s the My Life is Boring Socks, Heart Panel Cap, Sandwich Socks and, deserving a special mention, the Oaf Trapper Hat. OG Lazy Oaf founder Gemma Schiel is equally nostalgic: “I loved working on the Birthday collection,” she says, “and delving deep into past collections throughout the years, both cringing over and falling back in love with some pieces that I had forgotten about.”

From our side, there’s nothing to cringe about. Perhaps because Lazy Oaf have never tried to be grown up, their pieces have aged stunningly, stuck in an enchanting time zone between the chemical gen, Y2K, and Gen Z, and still just as fresh-faced as ever. Happy birthday, Oaf – you don’t look a day past twenty – and god are we ready for your twenty-first bash…

The first drop of the Lazy Oaf 20th Birthday Collection is out now, here.

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