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by Kyle MacNeill

Meme culture once again sneaks into fashion, this time thanks to Reebok's collaboration with Dime.

There’s a space in the collective consciousness reserved for when you flick through an old folder of your childhood art. Sausage fingers, scrawled crayon and ransom-letter scraps conjure up the uncanny: that creepy space between something we recognise and something that looks odd.

Which is why when an amateur painter in Borjan tried to restore the ‘Ecco Hommo’, a classic fresco painting of Jesus, and ended up creating an oil-based nightmare, the meme world exploded. Looking a little like Neo after his lips are sealed in The Matrix, this hellspawn spawned hundreds of thousands of images focusing on it being the biggest botch job the art world’s ever witnessed.

Since life imitates art and all that, Canadian streetwear brand Dime and Reebok have ingeniously restored the restoration, weaving it on the tongues of their new collab. Borne from Dime’s previous obsession with the graphic (including a jigsaw puzzle and a toaster), it takes Reebok’s old-school low-cut silhouette and injects it with the internet.

‘Tapping into Reebok’s fitness heritage and classic silhouettes was ideal for a brand like ours rooted in skateboarding,’ say DIME head honchos, Phil Lavoie and Vincent Tsang. ‘The design aesthetics of the BB4000 lend themselves well to functional skateboarding footwear. This seemed like a natural evolution after our inaugural Reebok basketball campaign.’

We doubt that the eighty-year-old pensioner Cecilia Giménez, the face behind that face, ever thought her local church restoration would land itself on the front of the latest Reebok collab. But, hey, that’s a success in itself; and it’s sure to get the tongues of the streetwear world wagging about 1930s frescos.

The Dime x Reebok BB4000s are set to release exclusively at Dime on 6th February, before receiving a wider global release on 12th February at Reebok and select retailers.

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