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Envelop our bodies in velour now, please.

Along with the double denim and low-rise jeans, the camouflage crop tops and the Baby G watches, there was a look that echoed throughout the noughties louder than Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of my Head”: the velour tracksuit.

The creators? Juicy Couture. Starting to send off their plush, lush tracksuits to celebs in the late ’90s, they hit upon something huge. Spin ahead to 2004, and it was a staple out ‘n’ about outfit for the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Fashionable but prodigiously casual, it was the ultimate fodder for paparazzi. 

After the comedown of the noughties, everything went a little quiet. The brand was sold in 2013, and by 2015 they’d closed all their U.S. stores. But, just two years ago, there were velvety whispers of something on the horizon—Juicy Couture was back.

Thanks to new stylist Jamie Mizrahi and a string of killer collections, JC is on everyone’s lips (and hips) again. Now, they’ve brought out their SS20 collection titled ‘Welcome to Paradise’ and it’s shaping up to be a special one.

Launching exclusively on their new UK site, it’s a freshly squeezed approach to the classic Juicy formula. Don’t fear: everything is still based around their classic velour, satin and diamond-finished materials. But it’s all just a little zingier.

Tailored suits and extended coats provide a touch of class to the proceedings but are still unashamedly kitted out with the gloriously kitsch ‘Juicy’ lettering. Silhouettes are shaped in new, aspirational ways with softer cuts remixing their nostalgic classics. 

Sparkly fringe bags are also on offer, as is a set of voguing-ready sleeved gloves. The colours are fresh and vibrant— powdery, light greens meet deep sky blues. Think Mint chocolate chip gelato on a clear summer’s day. 

Noughties stans, get your wallets at the ready. It’s dropping on their new website only, so sign-up for Club Couture now and you’ll be updated very soon. Juicy, you’ve done bits.

The new Juicy Couture SS20 UK collection launches exclusively on here.

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