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by Alex Brzezicka

If July Jones gives us ‘Butterflies’ in a new video, imagine what a sneak peek into her closet can do.

July Jones is a superstar in the making. She ticks all the boxes and goes well beyond. Talented? July’s mastermind behind some of Zolita, BTS, 99 Souls and Nasty Cherry’s best lyrics. Ambitious? She moved to London on her own after refusing Berklee’s jazz scholarship and wanting to make it or break it in pop. Stylish? If you put a face to confidence, it may as well be July’s. Consistent? It was a long journey from the Slovenian YouTube, signing up when 12 and rebelling against the label’s ridiculous requirements to writing lyrics for some of the sickest musicians right now and putting herself out on the pop-lined pedestal, finally the one she chose.

What’s most important, this only 22-year-old brave beast of an artist is here with a message, and you better listen. Sure singing about casual sex and alcohol-based feats is fun but that’s not what makes July tick. Her edgy electro-pop cuts sharp with lyrics. They’re bursting with the experience of living as an LGBTQ person in a foreign country (originally from Slovenia), forging your place to belong and fighting to keep it.  She’s been a hustler for a while now, selling fire songs to other musicians to make a living. Now, when it’s her turn, July knows exactly what to do. Debut single ‘Butterflies’ and a video for it, featuring female powerhouses, Girli and Suzy Wu, give off unapologetic free-spirited energy that we can get enough of.

We have invited July to share some fashion-forward wisdom and put together a few outfits exclusively for us. July Jones comes as a package and while we can’t copy-paste her attitude that easily, we might be able to nick a few pieces from her closet. Fingers crossed.

“Fashion has always been one of the main ways of expressing myself. I’ve always dressed quite quirky and have gone through phases of styles, from tomboy, emo to a sexy, short skirt girl. I am known to dress quite daring and I like pushing boundaries. I love my body and how I feel in it so in the past two years I’ve loved showing more of it and have worn clothes that have made me feel like I can rule the world and have emphasized that stage of my life where I’ve accepted my sexuality and feel comfortable in it.

I always tell people my music sounds just like my outfits look. My music lies in the kind of left-field alternative pop genre and I think my clothes really reflect that from the materials I wear which are latex, red, and black in color and tight and short haha, it just screams new wave punk.

I follow so many different inspirations, I just go with what I like, I typically scroll through Depop and love buying second-hand clothes, I love being able to reuse fashion and find a new purpose in old clothes, cutting them and pinning them into new designs. I am really inspired by people like Nusi Quiero, Namilia, etc. really futuristic-looking fashion brands.”  – July Jones


“I love wearing lingerie. I used to hide my body because of my own insecurities and learned to love it over the years. Feeling sexy now empowers me as a woman, I’m happy that we’re celebrating a female figure in every form and started supporting healthy bodies with all of their scars, stretch marks, moles etc.”


“Transparent pants by Aune collections and jewel top by Frances O definitely turns heads. It takes some balls to wear this kind of outfit and that’s kind of what really makes it even more special.”


“This jewel top is one of my favourites by an upcoming designer Frances O, whose work you should definitely check out! This picture was taken in the night outside of our house which gave it this kind of grungy effect.”


“Lace and latex, two of my favourites. I am a sucker for latex as everybody knows by now, haha. It’s definitely not my comfort outfit but it always makes me feel like I can rule the world.”

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