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‘THEN. NOW. ALWAYS’ traces the desert boot’s hefty footprints back to its Somerset birthplace.

Our own individual histories of Clarks shoes probably revolve around the same thing – feeling the tape measure lasso our socked, restless feet, ready to run out in our new school shoes and wreak havoc in the local shopping centre.

Clarks’ own history, though, is a little richer. Founded almost 200 years ago, the British shoemaker has always championed simple design, functionality and classic craftsmanship via its smart, robust footwear.

It’s now exactly fifty years since the brand unveiled its Desert Boot, a vintage marriage of smart and casual with sturdy leather fabrication and winningly comfortable inners. Anyone who’s tried a pair of these bad boys on for size knows that it can level-up a simple outfit in seconds, finishing a look with a touch of finesse.

To celebrate, Clarks has rounded-up a crack team of nine creatives (including producer Kindness, photographer Charlotte Patmore and songwriter Miink) and taken them all on a jolly back home to Somerset.

Directed by Mauro Siminoato, it sees the crew ruminate on the past in rural fields, reflecting on the pastures new that next year will hopefully bring. While all of the gang have distinctive talents and styles, the lookbook aims to bring them together on a farm in harmony, which is quite lovely really.

It seems a canny time for the Desert Boot to make a comeback. It’s always been firmly rooted in authenticity and longevity, built to last rather than to be worn out in a matter of fence-hops, stile-climbs, barrel-rolls and puddle-plunges. 

‘Simplicity is at the root of many brilliant ideas and the Desert Boot is no exception,’ Clarks CEO says in a statement. ‘In the age of sustainability, we’ve seen a shift away from fast fashion and an attraction to quality and authenticity. The Clarks Desert Boot answers this call.’

We wish, on that note, that Clark Desert Boots really did answer calls. Maybe that’s set in stone for version 3.0. But for now, the Desert Boot 2 is the kind of staple shoes you need knocking about in your wardrobe – a slither of stability in these quite haywire times.

The Clarks Desert Boot 2 is now available to buy on 

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