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Katie ScottsFashion Editorial By Jasper Soloff

by Jasper Soloff

This editorial blurs the lines between traditional gender binaries and the culturally degrading outlook of femininity by empowering all genders without assumption or judgement of gender and sexuality.

Katie Scotts revives the tradition of craft and heritage by celebrating the beauty of the garments and the modern wearer. The collections are highly emotive and draw reference to British Tailoring and the art of Parisian Couture through contemporary design. The work focuses on using its platform for cultural change to reconstruct society’s perception of gendered clothing.

Additionally, Katie realises the loss of craft in Great Britain due to rampant consumerism on the high-street; and the ‘see-now-buy-now’ trend emerging from major luxury brands. The collections aim to restore the energy towards fashion in Great Britain, by bringing back the magic, emotion and anticipation surrounding a show and excitement towards the clothes.

Jasper Soloff

Garments/ Designer
Katie Scotts

Alana Davison

Male Model
Ben Archer

Female Model
Jasmine Lia


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